I'm wanting to get some fun activities planned for the Spring/Summer seasons coming up. I thought a family picnic/BBQ could be fun. Meet at an awesome Portland park and just chill on a Sat afternoon. Anyone interested?

Also, during the summer getting a group together at the Drive in in Newberg. That is a family favorite of ours and we would love to have any of you join in. We usually take yummy food, frisbee, football, and lots of lawn chairs and have a TON of fun. Let me know if we have any interest in pursuing these!

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In addition this group;s activities, I'm getting ready to host another party at my home. I keep a separate list of people who have joined the Yahoo NW Group - a group which has been getting together for several years. If there is anyone here who isn't on that list and would like to be, let me know via email. Sue97062@aol.com. I usually host a party a couple of times a year.

And Kathy, tell us more about the Drive. What/where is it?

Here is the website for the drive-in theater.

Forgot to mention, that the theater doesn't open until the weather is cleared up pretty well. They have an email list you can get on that gives shows and times that is helpful. It also alerts you when the drive in is open for the season.
I'm up for anything, and those sound like great ideas. My writing deadline is finally past (yesterday) - woo-hoo!, so I'm craving some apostate fun. I'll also be able to make the next few monthly get togethers as far as I can tell.

My only blackout dates are from mid-June through the July 4th weekend.

A movie appropriate for younger kids (8,11, ish) would be great and picnics always work well. Who'll bring the Jell-O salad?
Usually the first movie is for the younger crowd, and then the second movie is slightly more advanced. Like the last one we went to last summer was UP and then Wolverine I think?? They get some good kids movies.

I will be taking vacation end of July to Aug. 4th.

Any suggestions for dates otherwise?

I am willing to let you bring the jell-O salad....as long as it's green.
Green with shredded carrots? And marshmallows? :)
HAHAHA, or cat food. I'll feel like a real Griswold. Half Gris, half mormon.
I am back! Man it is nice to be sleeping in my own bed :)
So.....when is the next get together?
Is there one planned for April?
Please let me and the Colonel know, we would love to come.
Wooohooo! The Jen Mama is home! Par-tay! Looks like the monthly meetup is being moved to the 11th. It's looking like I can't make it to that one, but I'm trying to clear my schedule.

What do you wanna do to party?? I'll look for you tonight and see if we can set something fun up! Hugs and glad you had a great and safe trip!
We'd like that, something to look forward to after this spring rain. This summer is going to be warm one. Hopefully!
Anyone up for the drive in theater?? April 24th for the Goonies! Can't get more Oregon than that!!! I usually take a ton of food and a frisbee. All are welcome! Bring your kids and come early. The shows start at dusk, but if you want a good spot, you need to be there by 6:30ish.

99W DRIVE-IN Retro Series presents...
25th Anniversary celebration
Let me just clarify, you'll still need to provide your own food, I'm just giving an example of what my family does. They do have a snack bar also.


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