I would like to get a core group of women together who have left the mormon mindset behind, and meet up with these women every six months for a weekend retreat.  I want to grow old with these friends.  I need through thick or thin friends.  If you would like to be part of a group like this please let me know.  If we pool our money we could rent a very nice beach house, or mountain cabin that would hold all of us comfortably and not cost any of us too dearly.  I did this very thing for almost 20 years with a group of very dear TBM women, but they are dumping me :(....so I know how wonderful it can be, and that it is possible, to be connected like this every six months.  Except with our new group there would not be any fake, or passive aggressive crap, or perfectness lol.....it would just be us.  Our true selves.  Warts, hairs and all!!!
If you would like to try to help me get a core group going like this please let me know.  I would like to try to make our first get together, and get away weekend sometime this April.
I think this would be a healthy, life changing thing for some of us to do.


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Being *dumped* by your TRUE BLUE MORMON friends, I remember this all too well. The morg mindset ties are loosed. You no longer wear the same underwear! The wonderful friends I have now are not based on religion but rather some common bond such as children, running, love of wine, coffee and life.

Renting a beach house sounds like a blast! I'm sure you'll find some lovely ladies to accompany you. If I come it will be over run by wild boys. Perhaps we'll camp aways down the beach from you ;)
My sister's in laws keep a beach house in Yachats. LOL!

I would also dig some real life friends who know something fundamental about how I was raised and how it colors things for me now. I have met a lady who left the RLDS church, and it's very similar, but I've still never met anyone who left TSCC.

Let's see how we hit it off at the conference. :) I too can be an odd bird. :-p Also hate girly drama.

I live near Everett, WA, so that area is a bit of a drive, but worth doing a couple times a year.
Lets really make this happen gals! I am not the best person to be in charge (I am a youngest child in a big family so I am use to being taken care of lol) but I will give this my best shot. As I hear back from people who are interested I will write down your names, and your ideas of where it might be a good idea for us to meet up for the first time. We can talk about this some more at the exmo conference (for those of us who will be in Salt Lake for that weekend).
Sounds like a winning scenario to me! Count me in! We have a Worldmark timeshare thing. We could maybe get a penthouse for the weekend and split the cost. We'd probably be looking at around $50 per person if we had 6-ish?
Good idea, we need to fit in before the weather turns south, if at all possible.
I like the idea, of get-aways. I am totally in! Lord, knows we need it. I got together with some NOM ladies last fall in Seaside on the beach, 3 of us total and was wishing I could do this again, but they were from the Seattle area. I had a interesting time last month when I confessed to my book club that I am no longer a Mormon, Thankfully, it all worked out that I am still there: in fact, we are meeting tonight with some of our teen daughters to discuss Uglies. You can read about my experience on Fe-NOM, it was rough as the leader defriended me, but we have reconciled now. They have put up with me from the very beginning of my disaffection and they knew that I was not the average Mormon, I attend a Presbyterian church while son was on mission, etc.
Are you in the PNW Lady Wisdom? In the Portland/Vancouver area? Or at least driving distance to meet up for a group like this?
Yes, I live just outside of Portland in Hillsboro. My daughter babysits Eric Wilson's kids at times. I think you know Eric.
I do know Eric :)

He is such a nice fella.
I'd love to join! I'm new to the forum as well as this group. I'm in Bonney Lake (near Puyallup, WA) and fairly central to most everything in Western Washington. I have no aversions to driving to Eastern WA or even OR.

I would love to be counted in.. keep me posted.


give me a yell too. i'm all up for female time and outdoorsy stuff. :)


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