Hi PNW'ers!

How is everyone?  I hope all is happy and well with each of you.  I have really enjoyed getting to know several of you and adding you to my circle.

I have been thinking a lot lately about something and wanted to see if anyone was interested in joining me.  I LOVE downtown Portland.  I love going down to the waterfront and walking around and looking in shops, etc.  I do not however, love how many homeless people we have living on our streets.  I always say in my head as I walk past them, I wish there was something constructive I could do to give to them.

SO, I have decided that once a month or so, I am going to buy the making for 10 or so healthy sack lunches + bottled water and just go hand them out before I walk around and enjoy the open air market and downtown area.  I would LOVE to have some company.  If you would like to join me, you can reply on here and we'll set something up.  I am planning on a Sunday around the lunch hour to hand mine out.  I don't have super specific plans yet, I just want to feel like I am doing something to contribute.  My oldest daughter works in a food bank once a month and that is cool, but I just want to go outside the box and see what I can do.  

I'm also happy for suggestions and ideas of what any of you have done like this.

Thanks!  Look forward to talking to any and all of you about this plan.


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great idea. I'll think on it. I am in soccer season here, so Sundays are shot. But it doesn't mean I'm not in for the future!
Yeah, I can do this Sunday. We can meet at the fountain on the waterfront say noon?
Hey all, My family and I are sick. Looks like we will not be partying or feeding the homeless this weekend after all. The back to school plague has officially hit our house. Bummed.
Hi Kathy! I'm new here. I live in the Portland area and would love to get involved in something like this! Let me know if you plan for something in the future. Thanks!

Awesome! We need to plan something soon. Maybe November? This week is pretty insane for me, but I am up for maybe the one after that?? Gypsy, if you are interested you are invited to my Halloween party this weekend.


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