Hi Everyone!

October is Exmo Conf. time!  I really would love to go, and have heard from several of you that you'd like to also.  I was thinking about getting a car-pool going.  I have 7 seats in my van.  We could split costs and hotel fees.  If anyone is interested in getting in on this, please let me know!

Hope we have some takers!


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you can sleep 4 adults in the double-queen rooms at the hotel and the rooms are discounted to $105 for exmormon conference attendees. It's nice to stay in that hotel cause you stay up late and get drunk :D. I hope we can make it, but don't need a carepool.
Thanks Micah, any idea how far in advance we'd have to book rooms, or how quickly it fills up?
I think you have until early September to book the rooms and still get the discount. They seemed to have rooms all the way up until the conference, but the discount end sometime in September I think.
Kathy, if you are going to the get together tomorrow, Sue will be there and you can get the hotel details from her. She's the one who plans the whole thing.
Kathy, if you need to stop for the night on the way to SLC I can put you and your carpool up for the night for free in Boise.
Very sweet of you Michael thanks! I'll let you know if/when/what we plan on, we can stop and pick you up!
Kathy....save me and the Colonel two seats in your van down by the river! ROAD TRIP!!!!!
Done and done beautiful Jenny!!!!! Woo hooo! Road TRIPPIN'!
Kathy, I replied to the NOM thread (but here's better) - please put me down as "probably." There are some work/vacation time logistics that I probably won't know until quite a bit closer, like end of summer. If the plans fill up with folks and I'm left out, I can manage with my previous plan of flying down. But this sounds like a lot more fun.
I'm chiming in late -- last year the block of rooms the hotel arranges for us was gone by about 3 weeks before the conference. After that happens, I can sometimes get more rooms IF they are available. Two years ago, by the time our block was filled, there wasn't another room available in the hotel. So I'd say - don't wait longer than mid-August. The block ends about 3-4 weeks before the conference (can't remember the exact date right now). Remember also: The reservation includes a free, made-to-order breakfast in the mornings, and an open/hosted bar each night in the atrium for two hours. Also -- the one consideration that can be a pain if the room is housing 4 or more (I think all the suites have a pull-out couch as well) is that there is only one bathroom. But even with only two in the room, sharing the cost -- it's a real bargain!! You could easily sleep 3 with the pull-out if sharing a Queen bed with a semi-stranger is too much for you!! :-)
I knew I should have gone to bed! I didn't mean "threat about the Conference" -- I meant THREAD!! So, far the only threats we've gotten are from goof/balls on the internet. Knock on wood.
HAHAHAHAHA, I bet I could get threats if I told the right people I was going.


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