Hey what's up brothers and sisters?! We are, after all, brothers and sisters in the eyes of the Lord right? ;)

Something has been happening lately that you may or may not have sensed, felt, or heard about. We are shifting and evolving into what is called "The Golden Age." These days are set to be the best of our lives!!! This shift is taking place in our universal consciousness. This is happening Right Now. This is the point where our perspective is able to be rocked to the point of a shift in paradigm, one of oneness, love, GOD, and light. And if you're ready...Now is the time! This is the hour! Ours is the Magic! Ours is the power! There are few things that would be more powerful than a collective consciousness with a goal in mind. Let that goal be Peace. Let us demonstrate and teach by example instead of just preaching. Let us feel the loving calm from GOD and the angels and spirit guides which are assigned to each of us. Without exception, we truly are never alone in life. There is a Source so great, and so filled with the brightest gleaming light, which contains infinite knowledge and possibilities, wisdom and Truth; protection and guidance, karmic (fair) justice, the empowerment of each of us and the liberation of our spirit out of the muddled confusing programming we have endured mostly without our knowledge. Guess what? This Source is waiting for us to connect with our higher self!!! Let us start the initiation process(reuniting) of our souls. Let us release all the negatives and replace them with positives. Let us feel Peace Now. That is all it takes!!!

Thank you for reading


In love and light,


End Transmission.

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