Are y'all ready to start a regularly scheduled support group? I'm thinking 1-1.5 hours once a month is the max that people's schedules can handle, but I still think it will be wicked helpful. Thoughts?

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Sounds good, are we going to try for June?
I would like to if everyone's game. I'll be gone the 22nd-27th. Is there a time that works for you?
I can do any Sunday and the Saturday after next...

I would love to meet some other ExMo's! I am in Charlotte. Where is everyone else?

Find me on FB. We've got a locked Carolina Post-Mo group I can add you to. I am Ali Kat in FB as well. We just had a meet-up in Charlotte last weekend and will probably have another one in April. There were two couple at the meet-up in the Charlotte area.

Hey!  I'm new to this site and new to the in Charlotte.  Would love to meet up sometime!


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