This relatively unknown movie is the very accurate story of Temple Grandin, an Autistic woman who accomplished amazing things despite horrific obstacles.

With the help of her mother and a few friends, she overcame Autism enough to Get a Ph.D. in Autism and several other degrees, one in Animal Husbandry. She is now a professor and constant worldwide lecturer on Autism as well as Animal Husbandry. She’s a nerd that loves science and uses the latest scientific findings, as well as her own experiences in her lectures.

Her greatest mentor was a science teacher who took a special interest in her and worked with her talents instead of trying to force her into the straight jacket of what most people considered the normal and acceptable way of doing things. He helped her accomplish what she did against the constant current of negativism from hostile students that teased and degraded her, the doctors that said she was hopeless and the other teachers that gave-up on her and tried to get her kicked-out of school (what organization does this remind you of?).

She has harsh words to say about the BS the physiologists of the 60’s came-up with about the causes of Autism. For one thing, everything was “sexual” to them. Another false teaching was that Autism was caused by an emotionally distant mother, or another kind of “psychic injury”. Not true. It is caused by a mis-wiring of the brain at the start of life.

Temple Grandin is a visual thinker, which means she remembers every image she sees and connects them to figure-out how to accomplish what she wants. She says the visuals in this movie shows exactly how her mind works and how she sees things.

One thing she created was a “hugging” machine that calmed her when she had anxiety attacks due to sensory overload in social situations. It eventually helped her learn how to accept hugs from people, a thing that she couldn't stand for many years. It has also helped other Autistic people.

She closely studied the actions of cattle to determine how to create equipment and methods of handling cattle which are much more humane and profitable, and are now used in half of the cattle-handling companies in the world.

It was just by luck that I found this movie hiding in the children's section of the small rental store near my house. Boy, am I glad I did. This amazing and powerful story brought many emotional tears. It even had some humor! I highly recommend it.

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Temple Grandon is an amazing person. My 14 year old son has Asperger's Syndrom and he and a few of the other kids in the school district that are on the Autism spectrum were able to go and hear Temple Grandon speak when she was to town on a speaking tour.  It was very inspiring, my son thoroughly enjoyed it as did I.  

Clair Danes absolutely nails this role, I'm not sure I've ever seen a better depiction of a real person in film.  

Claire Danes was on The Daily Show over the summer promoting this movie and I snatched it up ASAP. Loved it!!!! So amazing. I decided to buy a couple of her books. Just an amazing woman.

I have to make two corrections:  The subject of Temple's Ph.D. is Animal Science and she has her animal handling ideas in place in half the USA, not the world.

Here's a TED talk by Temple Grandin:

Here's her official web site:

Here's a Trailer of the movie:

That trailer may not work.  Try this one:

Here's an article I found on increasing intelligence in Autistic people that indicates we can all do it:


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