I am curious about how wide or endorsed the "no rated R movies" counsel from the brethren was really practiced.  I know I had many friends who's families didn't seem to care about ratings so much.  However, my own family was quite staunch in what movies we could watch.  We definitely couldn't watch rated R movies, but after I had moved out of the house, my parents got even stricter with my younger siblings, making ALL PG-13 movies off limits as well.  My parents wouldn't even watch a PG-13 movie to judge for themselves whether it was appropriate.  I think that family rule came into existence in the early 2000's.  What was your experience or family policy?

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We never kept ourselves away from movies we wanted to see. As we were raising our children we navigated with them age appropriate material. Hubby not a member and he would have none of it (church censoring his media) I agreed with him. Most of my Mormon friends went to R rated movies, but then again I didn't hang around with the super-Mormons.

I don't have a good memory of my young life in regards to R-rated movies or TV shows, but I don't think there were any available in our small lds community (St. Anthony ID).  If any were available, I'm sure my parents would have been strictly against them, as well as PG-13.

As we became adults, most of us still didn't watch R-rated, although some of us watched PG-13.  I was often surprised by my TBM siblings when I discovered what they watched.  They were strict in some areas, and not in others.  What a person finds objectionable seems to be a personal thing that varies with each individual, despite what the church teaches.

I don't think my parents ever watched an R-rated movie.

As I questioned the church more & more, I started watching more PG-13 and eventually R-rated movies.  Even though I've been a non-believer for about 15 years, and have rejected a lot of nonsensical lds strickness, I still don't like too much swearing and most graphic sexual scenes, even though I don't think most of it is immoral.  Most violence hasn't bothered me for many years unless it's too graphic or against innocent people.

When Titanic came-out, the Bishop advised us not to watch it because of the nude scene, so I never did watch an unedited version until recently.  Ha!  Nothing wrong with it!  It's beautiful!

By the time I was married, I had doubts about the church and had several PG-13 DVDs.  My TBM (when it suited her) ex-wife was very hung-up about sex, swearing, and taking god's name in vain, so some of my movies were not watched in the 8 months we were married.  Not even a lot of my PG movies.  Her son's TBM wife is the same if not worse.  If there is a glimpse of a nipple on a female of any age, that movie is verboten!  

What a load of horse pucky! 


When I was young, in the 60s, only G movies were allowed. When I was a teenager, in the 70s, PG movies were allowed if approved by parents. After I got married, my TBM husband never allowed R movies, but he would watch PG-13 movies with lots of violence and bloodshed, etc, but never if the rating was for sex or nudity. I always thought the violence offended my senses much more than the sex scenes. 


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