Based on a true story, this is one of the very few non-humorous movies I like to watch evey year.  Even at the 9th viewing, it's still exciting.

It's the story of two families in Communist East Germany in 1979, that hand-made a hot-air balloon in an attempt to gain freedom in the west.

During my viewing a few days ago, I thought about the Religious Right.  They seem to want to take control of the US government and make it a religious dictatorship, with everyone that disagrees with them in fear of their neighbors reporting them to the police.

After reading the stories of the Mormons violence against their perceived enemies, I wouldn't put it past the LDS church to rule with an iron fist as well, if they were to gain control of the government.

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So true.  The self obsorbed  doddering fools in Salt Lake are more like abusive husbands than anything else!  You'd better think as they think, do as they do, be as they are... or you will not be a good person.  These sons of bitches are the eminating source for many teen suicides in UT.


Damned "Jim Jones Peoples Temple" idiots they are.  I mean think about it, the original source for one of their "revealed" books was a burial scroll that Joseph Smith supposedly translated by the gift and power of God.  The pompous ass he was, he got it wrong and they still accept it as from God.  How dumb does one have to be before a light clicks on and it as seen as what it is, a big scam by people that are not that good at it.


Wecan translate correctly that scroll today, and old dude JS got it freakin wrong, it does not say what he says it does.  It is a common burial scroll and is not from Abraham.


I have a brain and choose to not follow the damned dancing fools.


Don, in Vegas   

They already tried to ban alcohol from 1920 to 1933, and look how that turned out. Today, alcohol is used in fine dining, restaurants, and included in most foods to give it a better flavor. I, myself, use alcohol and liquors in my desserts to give it that extra kick, or to just make people drunk. If the Morons tried to ban that, they'll be eating nothing, but gruel and water until they bring it back. They will also lose a good chunk of their esteemed Chefs from all across the states, and the culinary/baking field would become degraded. Every one of those chefs, myself included, would immigrate to other countries that have not done this. Because if we cannot use/drink alcohol, then why bother be a US citizen?


Freedom of Speech is our first amendment. If they try to quash that right, then they would be ridiculed by EVERY news station, talk show, and internet blog across the globe. They would lose face in the blink of an eye, and lose a major chunk of their followers because of the pressure and from suppressing natural human rights. The government, and the people, would call for Mitt Romney's head, and those of the CEO and council of Mormon Inc. if and when this happens.


So yes, go ahead Mormon Inc. TRY and abolish those things. Your head will be on the chopping block immediately after you put those through with Congress.


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