A few weeks ago I got bored and decided to go to the local Art Cinema and check out a random independent film. I ended up watching Beginners, which was charming, sweet and very touching.


Beginners follows a couple of main story lines. First, is the story of Ewan McGreggor's character Oliver dealing with his father Hal coming out of the closet after his mother's death, being diagnosed with a terminal illness, and dying. Second, is the love story between Oliver and Anna, played by the stunningly beautiful Melanie Laurent.


What I loved most about the film (aside from the eye candy of course :P), was probably the way it explored the different relationships. The relationship between Oliver's parents - a loving friendship, but romantically cold - and the way believing they just didn't love each other influenced Oliver's fear of commitment. The comparisons drawn between Hal's relationship with his younger male lover and Oliver and Anna's connection, and how much more similar those loves were to each other than the love Oliver's parents had shared.


Another story running through the film was Oliver, an artist, visually chronicling his parents' lives and relationships - the similarities between their experiences as a Jewish woman and a gay man in the '50s. All in all it was really just a completely lovely and adorable movie which I highly recommend if you want to laugh, cry, and feel generally warm and fuzzy.


Trailer: http://youtu.be/rXUFUp6vsxg

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This looks just charming!! Thanks for the recommendation... 


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