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Enjoying the discussions and benefits of returning to our faith. The ups and downs.

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We have so mny of us that have left the LDS Church. We are great people, we have a wonderful life.
This is dedicated to those that were or are Catholic. Sometimes we need assistance and friendship to organize our thoughts to become whole again. After a few years I am whole!

Join us, feel loved and just be yourself.:)


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Easter in the Vatican

Started by Don. Last reply by Don Apr 22, 2014. 2 Replies

The most sacred day in the Catholic Faith is Easter.  It is a very positive celebration of Christ and his resurrection.  this is a lesson not in theology, but in life where we can overcome bad…Continue

Tags: Christ, Mormon, Latin, Mass, catholic

Pope sez "Nope" to the Vatican

Started by Don. Last reply by Nodin Apr 17, 2014. 1 Reply

Something happened that you rarely see in a large international organisation.  And, well, to me it was a good thing.When a Pope dies, since the 1500's  the then dead Pope has arranged for the staff…Continue

Tags: gospel, jesus, money, Francis, Pope

What drives you theologically?

Started by Don. Last reply by Nodin Apr 4, 2014. 13 Replies

What drives you theologically?  What are you looking for in a faith, and why are you not finding it anywhere in the LDS Church?How do you feel about being told something was true just to find…Continue

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Comment by Est1992 on September 11, 2015 at 10:23am
And oh
I would just like to say that the Catholic mass is the ONLY Christ-centered mass.
Comment by Est1992 on September 11, 2015 at 10:21am
I'm so happy I reverted back to Catholicism,the one true church established by Jesus Christ on earth. I had serious doubts about the Catholic church and when I was about to embrace Mormonism, (I fell in love with a Mormon guy) I did a little research and found out that all along I was on the right path. It's so ironic that I was on the verge of converting but God showed me that I'm on the right track. I just need to be a better Catholic. I'm really happy for all those who found the only church established by Jesus. God bless us all. And I hate Mormonism but I do love Mormons. They need our help. We need to plant seeds into their hearts and the good Lord will do the rest. Have a blessed day, everyone!
Comment by Nodin on July 9, 2014 at 11:35am
I've been trying home study since RCIA doesn't start here until October. It's been hard going with all the misinformation I have in my head - and the material seems endless. For the oldest Christian faction I suppose that makes sense. I can't wait for the classes and someone of whom I can ask questions.

My Mormon 10% got to haunting me so I've been giving to individual programs like my online classes and votives for family who are ill.

My husband's family are Irish Catholics as is my dearest friend; they've been very encouraging.I recently had a discussion with my sister-in-law who is completely against birth control for the usual reasons. I showed her articles on how the vast majority simply prevent the release of the egg and only two that I could find flushed a fertilized one. Even the 'morning after' pill works in this way since sperm can live for several days. There are no guarantees that this pill will work.

I am very much enjoying Pope Francis and his truly Christ-like actions, words and understanding. He is a truly humble man who understands that although the world changes, the Church can show compassion, acceptance of the differences, and above all my mantra, kindness without changing its basic tenets. Priceless.
Comment by Mike1 on April 24, 2014 at 6:48pm

Holy Week

I am so glad that I go to a church with meaningful liturgical services. Holy week is the best time of the year. I sing in the choir and in the tradition of the ancient Anglican services we have great music. Five services in four days: nothing better!

Comment by Mike1 on April 17, 2014 at 9:29pm

Saturday I went to a local RC parish here to  the ordination of an Anglican priest to the priesthood in the Roman Church. He had been the Curate in our parish when I returned to real Christianity. He swam the Tiber as we say and went to Rome. The whole parish used to be Anglican but they went to Rome years ago. Our bishop gave them his blessing and let them keep their property when they left. They have used the English Rite for mass. They are now in the Ordainariate of the Chair of St. Peter established several years ago by Benedict XVI. Anyway, having been a married Anglican priest he is now a married RC priest with two very small children. There are a lot of these priests now with more to come as the state of the Episcopal Church continues to deteriorate. They are very intolerant of people with orthodox beliefs. Many feel they have to go to Rome to be able to worship the Lord as he has been revealed in scripture. Thoughts?    

Comment by Riva Lynn O'Rourke on April 17, 2014 at 9:18pm

Did you all see my message before?  I am not seeing it anywhere.

Comment by Don on April 17, 2014 at 2:12pm

IMHO, its an individual thing.  I returned to my faith because of the freaking imbalance in the world.  I worked as a hardcore Union organizer in Las Vegas dealing with the things that shook me to the marrow.  I like the consistency of my faith now.  I don't have to stand up on stage and puke back my testiclemony every month now either.  :)   I caqn participate, groew, set goals and use the Saints as exaqmples for growth.  

  I am cool with the Catholic faith.  To each their own.  I am not in the lest cool with the LDS beliefs in ahit so damned weird that you have to warp time, spaqce, logic and time to try to make it fit. ...or the power freaks in salt Lake either.  They cannot slice Spam  by the power of their made up Priesthood.  But I am supposed to jump to attention and sinf We Thank Thee Oh God For a Profit" when the President of the Corporation of the Church of... comes in the room.  

I am happy now.  I am not guilt ridden.  My life is more productive.  The First Presidencies New Theme Song...


Comment by Mike1 on April 17, 2014 at 1:34pm

After thirty years in "the church" and 13 more as an agnostic, I returned to the faith of my youth. I was raised as a member of the Episcopal Church. It has changed so much that when the Lord called me to return to Him I went to an Anglo-Catholic parish that left the Episcopal Church. Our whole diocese has left because of the Episcopal Church's heretical teachings. Now you may not think of me as Catholic because I am not of the Roman fold, however my beliefs are indeed Catholic. Comments anyone?    

Comment by urze monster on January 29, 2013 at 3:30am

Hello all!

 my name is heather. I am a born catholic who coverted to momonism, then left the lds church. I am not shure how i feel about going back to the catholic church. I feel like its about a "Relationship," Not" Religion." But, as my catholic father puts it...

Catholicism is like a all you can eat buffet. You choose what you like and noones gonna kick you out if you want more or less.

 I just call myself a christian girl! always have

But i admit, leaving the lds church has been hard. I dont know what to believe anymore. I love Jesus more then anything. But my faith is rocked because of the gabage that has been fed to me in the lds church.

I know the church is not true because of the facts. But i believed what the missonaries told me because i never known or asked questions of my faith . they made me think differently.

I feel like a shell of a person. im lost.i want to go back to the christian girl i once was.

id like to hear what others  think on this. as a former catholic, i respect the members because they are real people. well..not my mother inlaw! she is a hardcore catholic. but thats another story

 Love through Christ always <3


Comment by Don on October 9, 2012 at 7:40pm

You just be the best person you can be, use your own educated sense of right and wrong.  You are a good person and can make judgement without Salt Lakes approval.  What happens to the person that relies on others views when they are alone and have to make decisions???  They cave and feel bad.  

When I heard this song the first time I could not help but think of the way the Morons do things.  I got a great laugh at them and actually moved around to the music!  what a great expereince. :) Life is good, and God is greater, very forgiving and lifts us up to do great things with the few short years we have here on this rock :)  Be positive, be up beat, give yourself a break and, when you are at home and not driving have a beer and dance naked in the shower to your fave songs! :)  Live life! :)  ...experience Mass :)  hahahahaha to the General Automitons, I mean Authorities! :)  


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