Here's my abbreviated story:

Brought up in a "common" christian religion in the South

As a very young adult joined TSCC

Encouraged g/f to join - she did eventually

We got married, had five kids - both TBM for years

I always had items on the shelf but at one point I realized if it was true then investigating would only make my "testimony" stronger - (they have nothing to hide, right?  thanks for that GBH - ha)

Discovered the plethora of facts which undeniably confirmed TSCC was a fraud

For years, tried to get TBM to consider the truth, read the facts, think - nope

~6 1/2 years ago I announced to her I was done with the organization

Soon after I applied same logic and investigation to the "bible" and realized I can't worship or respect a god that slaughters children, that the bible was just a pile of crap also

Today, TBM wife is as TBM as ever

In the last 6 1/2 years we've been on and off so many times (divorce vs staying together) that it's insane.  This is my final year to live with her - hate me but I just can't take it any more - for many obvious reasons which others, I'm sure, have vented prior to me coming here.

I don't know what else to say other than I am not looking forward to our divorce but after doing all I felt was reasonable and fair, I believe it's the best choice - she doesn't agree.

I'm sure in time she'll get over it, find Mr. TBM, get sealed in the temple (I hate that damn place) and her life will eventually be great again - at least, I hope so.

So, there ya have it.

I'm not a mean person, probably not very smart, or good looking, or rich but I enjoy life very much.

I'm looking forward to being here, getting to know folks - thank you.


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Thanks for sharing your story Red Sands!!  Looking forward to seeing/hearing more from you.


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