Since we are in a group of midwest ex mos, my question is, has it been easier for you to cut ties and leave when you aren't surrounded by mormons?  I found that to be true for me so I was curious what this groups experiences have been.


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I haven't cut ties yet. However, I'm fortunate to have many non-Mormon friends. So it'll be much easier when it comes time.


Absolutely! Living behind the Zion curtain nearly drove me mad! I frequently found myself on the brink of becoming homicidal or even suicidal based on daily interactions primarily w/ members, but sometimes it wasn't even people I knew who would set me off, but situations reported in the paper or on the news that made me come unglued. The distance factor here helps me keep things in perspective; the local ward is very small and disorganized. Although I've attended there occasionally in the remote past, no home teachers or visiting teachers ever contact me and the new bishop doesn't even know that I'm alive. They have more pressing concerns than trying to unearth membership records which have been sitting at 50 N. Temple for 15 years. Plus, if I want to order a drink w/ dinner or pop round to a club on the way home w/ friends, I'm not surrounded by prying eyes trying to discern the outline of garmies beneath my clothes, ready to hot foot it out to the car park so they can jot down my license plate and report me to the local constabulary, i.e. bishop. There is thankfully no constant reminder of my fall from grace or continuing transgression.





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