I didn't do an appropriate job of dialoging with my pre-teen kids.  Looking back, knowing what I know now, the conversations should have centered around natural needs, different orientations, trans-gendered issues, birth control of all kinds, because these things are a real part of life for school kids whether we like it or not.  I should have explained to my daughter the ways of female orgasm, the one thing my mom didn't do.  My LDS parents did discuss birth control by the age of 10, and by 17, I hit the Central District Health Dept and got put on the pill.  I told my mom a year later, and she didn't freak.  I found condoms in my son's room when he was 14, and I should have bought a box for him.  It ain't just about us having fun outside of moism.  It's about sharing that knowledge with others.  Oh, and I never talked about toys.  I should have.  Especially for down times when women don't have partners.

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WOW I wish my mom was as cool as you but I don't meant to say you're old enough to be my mom. Talking with my parents about sex was awkward, but thats partly becasue we never really talked... every discussion was subtly turned into a gospel lesson. The only lesson on sex I got was don't date until 16, don't date one-on-one until after my mission, and don't even think about thinking about anything ever! As for the condoms, when I was a teenager I got one from a gas station restroom dispensor just to try one on... I thought it might feel good, or it might give me some kind of insight to the mechanics of sex. I just felt rebellious and ended up falling asleep with it on and lost it in the sheets I never looked for something so hard in my life!!!
Let this be a lesson to us all:
I remember at the age of 10, asking my mom some generic question about babies, and dad getting out his artist's easel and drawing pictures of the male and female sex organs.  He then explained what went where, what it was called, and how insemination occurred.  Mom always deferred those things to dad, basically, I think, because she and I didn't talk to each other at all unless I was begging her for something.  The mother needs to be more tuned in with the daughter.
At the age of 10, I asked mom where babies came from.  She referred my to "your father."  He got out his artist easel, and drew pictures of the uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries, vagina, penis, scrotum, and then explained what went where, and how the baby grew.  All my friends were Catholic, the Catholic church being one block away, and when they found out I had the goods, I became the most popular girl in the neighborhood for a while.


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