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I would like to start a topic and have as much feedback as possible. I joined the church at 18 and always lived the law of chastity, when I married sex was a complete new subject for me but now that I left the church I regret all the experiences I didn't have while others were having them. Lately I imagine myself having those experiences now, I dream of having sex with another woman and enjoying it. I imagine myself having sex with a very good and close friend just for the sake of intimacy or just sex. I wonder if anyone can relate...

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Hi Miguel.  I think your feelings regarding missed opportunities are fairly common.  I know I had them.  I have no judgments in regards to experimenting with open marriage and other lifestyles after leaving Mormonism, but I do urge caution, communication, and honesty for anyone looking down this road.  Due to our human jealous natures, it's easy to get burned and hurt others at the same time.  You likely don't want to end up in a worse off place.  This is something that will primarily need to be discussed and decided between you and your committed partner.  I strongly recommend both of you reading the articles at the link below before venturing into any of this.  Good luck.

Redefining Monogamy: Relationship Articles













Let me guess, your spacebar is broken?

I have had casual and/or anonymous sex with a variety of same sex partners.  I would highly recommend it.  I certainly do not regret it.  If you decide that lesbianism is not for you, it would be easy for you to go back to a hetero relationship because most guys are not turned off by lesbian fantasies.  Go for it - I really don't see a downside.  Of course exercise some discretion.


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