I saw a comment on a post mormon site that said : Mormon men have orgasms and Mormon women have babies. Initially I chucked and then as I thought about it the meaning settled in as the sad tale of women lost in a priesthood fraternity developed. In my miniscule experience in life it has become apparent that LDS women in general do not even know what their body is capable of in terms of pleasure and love. To draw inference from horrible articles I have read about other religious belief systems in the world where they circumcise the female genitalia to keep the women in subdued servitude I wonder how much different the LDS do similarly only with brain and thought control. Guilt and Fear is not Love. God is Love and love is the connective force of the universe. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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"LDS women in general do not even know what their body is capable of in terms of pleasure and love."  I think this is pretty spot on.  I would also add that LDS women and men do not know the science or workings of their own bodies.  Women are resigned to being continually pregnant because they have not had access to education or resources on preventing pregnancy.  Men are just doing their priesthood duty of impregnating their wives and saving spirit children from the homes of the wicked. 

Sexual pleasure has been treated with shame during an LDS persons entire life.  Now that an LDS couple has been married and given the OK for sex they must overcome feelings of guilt plus those gawd awful garments. 

Oh, I recall the time at church when the Bishop read over the pulpit a letter from the Prophet saying that oral sexual acts were a sin and not to be practiced even by married couples. Now days the commentary is well it is between the spouses to determine. Talk about a mentally messed up God that can't make up its mind. The penguins in Salt Lake City must really be feeding themselves a lot of rotten fish.

When I went to Ricks college it was taught that oral sex was "sodomy" and that it should never be practiced.  You would not want to sodomize your mate would you?!  I'm wondering what kind of wet dreams these old dudes are having to come up with these pulpit announcements :P 

Sadly I think you are right.

Couldn’t have said it better. Thanks for the post!

Thanks and you are welcome Angelfiah! I have been anticipating commentary on the joys and the freedom from the sexual mental oppression induced by supposed authority. Fear and guilt make slaves by believing the lies. The only real truth in the world is love and love includes experience coupled with knowledge yeilding wisdom.

I agree with you KindSmile

The most important commandment in marriage and love is fidelity... and it is a commandment no one should violate since it can have horrendous consequences, breach of trust, HIV, std's, lead to divorce with all the emotional instability, financial problems, psychological and social problems that go with it.

So for me the most  important commandment is fidelity .... once this is secured, the way a couple expresses love between themselves is their choice.....and pleasure and fulfillment should be a full part of it as long as it is consensual, safe and an expression of love and affection as opposed to merely a sexual act;

Fidelity is important in any dealing. Bankers and brokers use the term fidelity and trust. Faithfulness and exactness are defined in fidelity because it is an agreement on something as in a contract or deal. Marriage in the sense that I was pointing out was one sided where the woman just are for making babies rather than being fulfilled in love and physical need as well. The sexual act of love itself can be a negotiated deal in fidelity with or without marriage. The std's and other problematic issuses I think would be breach of contract fidelity yes indeed. 

I also agree

It is really sad.  I remember my husband telling me that he had more sex with me in the first 8 months of our marriage than in his prior 34 year (Mormon) marriage.  How sad is that?  I like sex and do it almost every day.  Why not?  I don't get this sex as power thing at all.  And when I hear women say that they withhold sex from their husbands (or vice versa if that was ever the case), I have no problem at all saying "that's okay, his next wife will satisfy him.  Ouch.  But seriously, neither party has the right to deny the other.

I don t have problem with sex when i know there is true love, respect, fidelity and safety. I have every problem with it when men reduce their relationship to having sex and are otherwise disrespectful of their spouse... which means that, in that case, i think everyone has a right to say no and sex is not a duty in a marriage, it is an expression of love between two peple and requires that there is respect, fidelity and true caring between the spouses and that it is safe. All these conditions are important in a world where sex can be had by anyone with anyone and does not mean more that just a sex encounter and in this day and age of std's, hiv, fidelity and safety are of paramount importance.. Since, it is very difficult to control other people's feelings and behaviour, i find safety the most important factor. And since, i cannot conceive sex without love and love is a rare thing in this world, i prefer being single and abstain ;;; at least it is safe and there is no disappointment


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