Therapist Article Called Homosexuality 101: Causes determined by genes and upbringing

It's a controversial topic as to whether or not being gay is something you're born with or whether it is caused by your upbringing, but this article states that it is both.

I can relate to a lot of these social situations growing up, but is it what caused my homosexuality?  I am not sure.  It is convincing, but seems to have some holes.

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NARTH is a discredited pseudo-scientific organization run by anti-gay evangelical Christians who want to cure you of being gay, as if it were a disease. I strongly urge you to look to more reliable sources with the backing of the scientific community for your information.

If you want some suggestions or a run down of where science actually is right now on this issue, let me know and I can come back later today and give suggestions and/or a brief run down of the etiology of homosexuality.

Hi Nathan -

I thought the "absent father/dominant mother" idea was discredited long ago, but I wasn't sure where I heard that, so I started googling around.  Almost every hit I got for that phrase brought me to bible or other religious sites, or opinion pieces, no science.  So while I didn't find what I was looking for, it makes me suspicious because of who is still pushing this theory.  

One of the cited references is an article called "Preventing homosexuality in today's youth" - hardly sounds like a scientific paper.
This article ("Homosexuality 101") itself is coming from NARTH, which is the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality.  Check out this link

from the wiki link...
NARTH's leaders disagree with the mainstream  scientific consensus and the holding of the world's major mental health organizations that homosexuality is not a disorder.[3][4][5][6]

No major mental health professional organization has sanctioned efforts to change sexual orientation and most of them have adopted policy statements cautioning the profession and the public about treatments that purport to change sexual orientation. These include the American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association, American Counseling Association, National Association of Social Workers in the USA,[37]  Royal College of Psychiatrists,[38]  and Australian Psychological Society.[39]
NARTH is dedicated to "fixing" homosexuals.  They have their answer already, so any "science" they present is suspect in my book, tilted to support their foregone conclusions.  

I don't know what causes homosexuality.  But I wouldn't look to religious groups or pseudo-science to figure it out.  

Just for the record, I have no desire of undergoing any therapy to try to change or recommending anyone else to do so either.  However, a lot of the information presented in the article applies to me as well as other homosexuals that I know.  I haven't been out for long enough, but I still haven't seen many sources that had credible evidence that one is born that way.

I think more or less the possibility of why a homosexual was without a dominant male figure growing up is more or less the ones who were born with the genetics of homosexuality didn't have much desire to bond with male figures and learn the male social traits growing up.  I don't agree with that alone being able to determine an orientation.

However, whether or not they are born that way or it is an adaptation over time, I disagree with the last part of them saying therapists should try to help them overcome homosexuality, because by then I think it would be too late anyway.

There is ZERO, absolutely NO correlation between "weak father" and homosexuality. Pscyhologists tried for nearly 60 years to prove even a correlation, and there IS NONE. 

Homosexuality, like all human traits, is the expression of genes in response to environmental stimuli, but the evidence for homosexuality is that they are genetically like all other humans, and it's the expression of sexuality as it develops in utero that creates an orientation. There is strong evidence that it has to do with womb environment (i.e., the chemicals and interactions within the uterus); and the evidence also shows that, while any woman can have a gay son (this is not true for lesbians), it tends to lump in families, indicating that there may be a heritable trait that makes some women more likely to have a gay son (but not a lesbian daughter).

So far the evidence is looking like this all takes place in utero (the big exception to this is some interesting recent research by a psychologist at Berkeley who is finding that there is a small population of women whose orientations change in adulthood, usually after 40 (an even smaller number of men experience orientation change). Also, although the evidence doesn't show that most people are "really" bisexual, it does show that bisexuality may be greater than those who identify as bi; and that without social prohibitions, many people would be willing to have same-sex sex, even if their orientations were heterosexual. The upshot: sexual orientation and sexual behavior aren't the same thing.

Although some people want to maintain the possibility that early childhood development plays a key role in the development of sexual orientation, the big problem that every single study comes up against is that actual gay men and women don't share any correlating characteristics of their early childhoods that could be reliably linked as a correlation. Rather, LGBT individual's childhood developments keep coming up again and again as following the same patterns of distribution in the larger population. 

Thanks for the information.  Do you have any scientific sources that talk about the flaws in these anti-gay Christian theories?

I know a lot of straight men that have had some of the same experiences with male bonding growing up so was a bit skeptical to believe that any of that caused it anyway.  I don't believe for one second that it is a disorder or that any kind of therapy and make someone change.

My thoughts right now are more or less on the hypothetical situation where if a gay man were able to relive his childhood starting at like 18 months old under different circumstances, would that possibly change anything?

Thanks for telling me that NARTH is not a credible source of scientific research though.  I looked it up because I had my suspicions of the similarities of father-son relationships of gay men in their past and was looking through and didn't see any Christian symbols or Biblical references in their research so I assumed it was an unbiased article in regards to religion.  

What concerns me most is that all these sites of people with anger towards gays keep saying there is no evidence that gays are born that way so that got me a bit concerned to see if any of their research was correct or if they were just making it up as they went along or copying from other bigots.


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