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When you were still in the church as an active single person, did you have think silently about a perticular member of the same gender to commit sin with ?

I had those lustful thoughts, but I could not do anything about it as it was "Not tolerable according to the church standards or "The Word of Wisdom"".

Most guys I had lustful thoughts of, are now married and are living the church lifestyle. Heck, theres even a guy who is still married, but he's no longer a member of the church. He & his wife have been ex-members shortly longer that I have been.

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Oh yes. There were several in fact. A couple of guys I was friends with in Institute. A few mission companions, although only one ever knew/suspected. He was like waving water in front of a man long in the desert. On the first night we were together, he came back from the shower in just a towel and then just dropped it like he was in a locker room, talking with me like it was nothing at all. It took all my will power for my eyes not to bug out of my head.

We had a very strange companionship. Looking back on it now, we crossed the line in a LOT of areas, but I think he liked what he did to me when he figured it out. Never confronted me about it; in fact, he made a bit of a game of it.


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