My name is Don, and I was raised in the South, spent 25 years working in Vegas and now go back and forth.  I do six months in Vegas and six months in memphis.

Ya know, I wonder if Romney knows what a damned fool he made of himself with his little "cheesy grits" and "biscuits" and "something is happening to me" comments he made.  People in the South are extremely, I mean extremely independent.    When people are pandering and supplicating for something from you as Romney did down here, it actually pisses people off.  People down here have the wonderful open habit of telling you the truth.  If you ask someone what they think, in all politeness, they will tell you...because you asked.

when Romney did his little song and dance (and then he followed thru in (Mosura vs Missouri) he looks  like a fake butt kisser that is not worth the time to listen to him.  I would rather a person look me right in the eye and tell me my feet stink (I am being polite here) than have someone that has never met me run up to me and hug me and tell me how wonderful it is to  see me.  My first response is to check for my wallet and pen to see if they stole it.  I despise fake people.  Thats why most politicians make me ill.  

IMHO, Romney is a bobble headed fool that knows how to give fake smiles, tell strangers how wonderful it is tpo see them, and spend tens of millions on adverts running down the other guy.  He keeps his mouth shut on his religion because he knows from past elections that people do not care for his faith and it is to controversial.  If he is so great on it, he should not care and people would respect him as a man for that.  

Sorry, I think he is about as fake as "splenda is to sugar" and has a bag of grits for a brain.   He is fake as a person, a damned used car salesman.

Mike, you said that you wanted people to share their views, so I did.  Hope its ok :).

Thats my view, ...and I stinking to it   

I say this in the name of Timex, Amen.

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