What book does everyone want to read first?  LLL has suggested in chat Brave New World by Aldus Huxley. All in favor, bow your head and say "yes".  Or are there other suggestions?

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I'm down. Obviously, I suggested it. 

Do we have to have a square arm too?

It has been discussed, and we will be starting with Brave New World!

This may be a late start, but in about a week or less I'll be picking this book up and reading it! (Brave New World, that is). 

I know a few people around here have already read it, so I hope to get them involved in some discussion, too. Pick it up. Read it!!

For years I've wanted to discuss this book with other like-minded people. Thank you! I'm in!

Is it too late to join in? Has everyone moved on yet? I will pick this book up today and start reading.  

I'm only halfway through, and I know one person just finished it. :) I say pick it up! 

I purchased the book today. I'll hopefully have time to read it this weekend.


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