This feels eerily like a fast and testimony meeting, and I am the first one to get up. 


Well, I am happy to report that after my harrowing nightmare a few weeks ago about the magic underwear, I have had no recurrence.  And none of those "back in the mission field" nightmares either.  Whew!


I got an invitation to view this documentary, which is purported to show some evidence supporting Book of Mormon claims.  Has anybody seen it?  Has anybody seen a peer review or critique?  I asked Bob at MormonThink about it, and he had not heard or seen anything.




You can see a trailer by searching on Youtube for "the lost civilization of north america" or the link below might work, too.

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Here's an embeded version:

This looks pretty interesting. I have to wonder what the conspiratorial nature of it is about. I wonder when this will be available to rent or watch online.
genetics show north to south developement and not south to north.

"Some"evidence////// They had boats,and they had oars.

I am so worried about having bad dreams at night that I am having bad dreams about nightmares. :) However, not being a superstitious guy I sleep with a chicken foot under my pillow. I have a strong testimony of it. I have heard others cry and tell me of the testimony they heard and felt something that others just knew it was the spirit. I clEARLY UNDERSTAND THE CAUSE AND EFFECT RELATIONSHIP OF THE CHICKEN FOOT REVELATIONAS WELL Damned caps key)

However, being educated and multi-lignual, ...I know in my heart that the chicken foot under my pillow assists me.

I say these things in the name of Oscar Meyer......

Don If ya worry a bunch about about stuff it is still running thu your head while you are asleep... hence dreams.


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