Since the topic was changed on the "6 Things' [sorry Mike], I thought that I'd start a new topic. The Pulpit is an open mic or anything goes. You are not compelled to say "I know Joseph was a Profit" or "in the name of cheese & rice, amen."

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I got a tattoo this weekend. Its weird how my old friends (from the church) treat me now, like I'm about to die or something. Even though I predicted it... The elders were on my doorstep within three days.
Yes, tattoo's are from the Devil! Because I have two of them I must be qualified to be a son of perdition now I think. So what did you get? I have a Dragon, as I'm a Dragon in Chinese astrology and I my other is the Norwegian Seal.
I got a vine going down from the top of my left shoulder down to the center of my back. It looks really cool :D
That sounds sweet! I've been thinking about getting a tat. Just now sure what I would want.
Any pics of it?
I found that a tattoo is very liberating from this past life that we all had!
I will be hanging out in Salt Lake for a few days, anyone want to meet up for a cup of coffee or a beer?
When are you leaving town?
Heading to SLC today and will be there til Saturday I think.
Where do you call home again?


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