So with all of us being new members and generally unknown to each other, I am starting this thread so that we can get to know each other better. If you need to remain anonymous, please don't feel obligated to reply, or reply in a more general way. (BTW, I'm married, but created the group for you all).

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1) Brit-Canadian, Parents born in Scotland & I was born in Canada
2) Former Travel & Tourism Info Clerk for Hostelling International (Victoria)
3) Former Scottish Country Dancer
4) Enjoys flying on Boeing 737's (loves flying on WestJet)
5) Would love to visit the Great Smokey Mountains sometime in the next 10 to 15 years
6) Plays the piano.
1) Loves Pole Dancing (but I'm not very good at it!)
2) Loves traveling around South America (I served a mission in Argentina)
3) Makes a cake that is 'to die for': Three layered Hazelnut cake with buttercream frosting and Nutella in the middle
4) Works in medical research with diabetic mice (poor mice!)
5) Studied Russian for three years in college but can barely introduce herself in the language
6) I rock!
My friend runs a pole dancing/fitness club which might interest you, even if long distance: Lots of cool videos. I am not sure if pole fitness is exactly the same as pole dancing, but still neat to watch/do.
I took a pole fitness class at a gym in Nashville and fell in love with it. It's a fun sport. I watch videos online and some women are amazing!

Conoces Macchu Piccu?   Le parecio bueno?  A mi, si.  Me parecio una maravilla por su belleza, pero no me di cuenta de su ingeniosidad hasta hace unos anos no mas.  Todos mis (buenos) recuerdos de America del Sur me han impulsado a volar mas alto.  Y tu?  Como te han impulsado tus propios recuerdos de la Argentina?

1) Never went on a mission, but I've been told I speak good spanish.
2) Art student at Weber state
3) Women often brand me a flirt
4) I keep dating mormon women who only want me to "come back to our faith"
5) I like wine. In fact, I'm drinking a Mimosa as I'm typing this!
6) I've decided not to get married until I'm 29-35.

The whole "come back to our faith" thing is something I can totally relate to. No fun! Good luck to you.

Hey, why not.
1. Something of a decent artist, with a tendency towards the imaginative realism genre.
2. As a guy, I can actually cook and enjoy doing it.
3. As a guy, I can actually sew, having done such varied things from vests to full suit animal costumes for Hallowe'en.
4. Non RM and thus never been endowed (thank the FSM)
5. Developing a videogame in my spare time.
6. I have an unhealthy fascination with all things Alice in Wonderland.

That is because Alice in Wonderland rocks.

1) I love Dexter, Weeds, and Torch Wood.

2) I find alcohol quite disappointing, does not taste good and I don't even like taking ibuprofen.

3) I am addicted to

4) I work graveyards.

5) I love Mr. Deity.

6) After I stopped paying tithing I love choosing where I donate my money.

1. I call myself the Cat Woman because I LURVE cats!!  The more the better, I have 4 indoor females at the moment.


2. I love fictional and non-fictional crime books, mags, tv progs, as well as all things gruesome, lol, such as vampires, Saw movies etc. but not overly keen on Twilight/kids stuff vampires.


3. I love researching my family tree/history, just for fun..have nearly 800 people in my current tree, thanks to contacts made via and GenesReunited.


4.  I try to get to the gym 3 x weekly when I'm well enough.  Unfortunately I have arthritic hips, and some heart trouble/diabetes etc. so take lots of meds which make me very tired.  I'm finding the more I exercise now tho, the better the pain is!


5.  I love music, theatre, live bands, movies and visiting museums/general places of interest, especially social history stuff.


6.  I'm a social creature when I want to visit the above places and the gym..I love to share experiences with a close friend/lover, even if it's just a night in front of the TV watching a good dvd, with or without wine, chocolate, cheese and crackers, lol..can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic wine/beverages too, I got over my addiction to it!!


Those are all I can think of, not exactly unique things but hopefully something somebody else would be interested in sharing with me :)

1) I love the Lord of the Rings books, movies, everything! (I hate Twilight though, so much! )

2) I'm a very active person (although at the moment I have a huge cast on my leg) I love swimming, hot yoga, hiking, rock climbing, exploring, climbing trees, running, everything!

3) I'm very into music. I have played the cello for over ten years!

4)  I'm a very social person, but have always gotten along better with boys than girls.

5) I Love storms. Snow storms are the best, but wind storms and thunder/lightning storms are a close second and third :)

6) I sometimes keep inside my own head too much and over think things like crazy!


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