Now that I have been out of the church for a few months I am a bit more open to start trying diferrent denominations.  I have been attending a non-denominational church which I do love.   I have a problem with the music. I feel like I am going to a rock concert every week.  I do listen to christian radio daily and I now recognize the lyrics, but to me it is so distrating to the spirit.   I need to find a more soothing atmosphere. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Unfortunately, most denominations have adopted that lame Christian Rock stuff to try to appeal to the younger generation. I am very happy to have found the United Methodist Church that I now attend. They're very active in community outreach, so if you miss Relief Society, it definitely helps to fill that void. The church I go to has two services - one traditional service with hymns and an organ, and one contemporary service for some of that Christian Rock, but even in the contemporary service, sometimes they sing really old country, or even old Black Spirituals. So I really like it there. On the opposite end of the spectrum, depending on where you live, you could maybe find a hippy kind of church. Maybe Unitarian Universalist, or a United Church of Christ. I live in California, so it's not hard to find church services where they chant to meditation music, and stuff. Good Luck to you!
I'd check out the doctrine of the Unitarian Church before I got too involved. My impression of this particular group is that it's a pretty much believe what you want to deal. There are about eight things that every orthodox Christian church subscribes to regardless of denominational distinctives that aren't all that important, I think, in the end.
We have only been out of the church a few days and "landed" at an Evangelical Presbyterian Church down the street from the other on the same day. :)
Middle of Michigan :)
Exactly!  You couldn't have said it better!
It sounds like you may enjoy a more liturgical church service. Try to find a traditional Lutheran or Anglican\Episcopal church. There is a peace and a beauty in worshiping as countless Christians have done throughout the centuries.

If you are willing to go outside of Protestantism you could also try an Orthodox liturgy or a Catholic mass.

I searched the Internet for three days and finally come up with United Methodist. 

They ordain women, love homosexuals, love people of any race, do not seem to have any strange doctrine, accept Mormons as baptized, and only preach love and service. 

I can not speak for all United Methodist churches but this one is like coming to family.


I love the Methodist Church. Still have a huge problem with infant baptism and sprinkling, though. It's tough, but I LOVE the community and their focus on community service and outreach. Also the pipe organs are cool, too.


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