The social and religious scientific data indicates that many former Latter-day Saints migrate to a variety of religious and irreligious places after departing. Some opt for atheism or agnosticism, while others find more "New Age," mystical, or Roman Catholic contexts of interest.

For those former Mormons still interested in considering traditional Christianity, a new resource called Transitions has been designed for those who have self-extracted from Mormonism yet who retain an interest in more traditional forms of Christianity. You can view the first three of six video chapters, as well as the Introduction to the written workbook, at the resource's website:

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Thanks for the link!


As someone on the edge of leaving, watching the first few chapters was a real boost...


I couldn't find details of the organisation behind the ldstransitions, although it was heartening to see a number of Christian traditions represented in the videos.


Is there anyway of purchasing online access to the remaining chapters? I live in Europe, and also have a LDS wife who would be curious if a parcel turned up :)



Toy Soldier

Toy Story,

I'm glad you found the material helpful. It was produced by the Western Institute for Intercultural Studies which represents a broad group of Evangelical and Protestant perspectives and was produced with a culturally sensitive, multidisciplinary perspective in mind with the needs of the transitioner in the forefront.


We are working with right now to have all six chapters downloadable via movies on demand for a fee so those like you can have access to them all without having to use a DVD. Thanks again for your interest!

Toy Soldier, Transitions is now available online in digital format for rental or purchase through Amazon: Transitions via Amazon Instant Video


Cheers for that.

On the Amazon page, the product is 28 mins. Is that right? I don't want to sound ungrateful, especially if the reason for this is because you have posted so much on your website for free already!

The Amazon page has an error. I'll see if I can fix it. Each of the six video chapters is of varying length, but there's easily an hour and a half of video material available. The first three chapters can be viewed for free at the resource's website. The video in totality can be purchased on DVD, or rented or purchased at Amazon Instant Video.


Just tried it- unfortunately only available to those inside the US 

Rats! I just called Amazon and asked to have the video length revised to 90 minutes, and asked about the international viewing. Apparently I'll have to approach other Amazon outlets like individually and go through the process to have it available there for differing international markets. My apologies.


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