Hi all,

I was just wondering how others feel about attending a LDS Ward when you are visiting relatives.

I enjoy being with my sister, but she just assumes that I will got to SM with her on Sunday. I do not take the sacrament and can not sit through SS or High Priest meetings.

I seem to make the people sitting next to me nervous when I do not take the bread or water and head for the door with "Amen".  What do you do? Do you have any strong feelings about this?



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bring a flask and make a drinking game out of typical mormon phrases such as:

"Bear with me..."

"Brothers and sisters, I bear witness that..."

"I know this church is true"/"I know that Joseph Smith restored the gospel in this dispensation"


"On page/in section _____ of Preach My Gospel..."

Or just dont go :) and be friendly about it, trust me I know how this goes.

I married in to the family, we did at first then we just could not do it anymore. It went agianst everything we (I) belived in! we now find a local chuch when we visit and invite them to go with us!


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