Naturally this question doesn't really come in to play for those with universalist leanings, but for those coming from a more traditional Protestant view point (saved alone through faith in Jesus Christ) do you believe most Mormons are saved? (Just a note, this is not meant to a malign those of the universalist persuasion.)

I ask because I'm not sure if I can answer to the affirmative for myself whe. I was a Mormon. Yes, I believed in Christ, and, yes, I believed He died for my sins, but I thought I needed to do all sorts of ceremonies and works to receive exaltation.

Does the Mormon church teach saving doctrines or is it, as many claim, teaching a sort of sudo-Christianity? Is it possible to be a TBM and yet have faith that you are saved through your faith in Jesus Christ?

I'm interested to hear other's thoughts on the matter. My heart hurts for all tHe Mormons I've left behind who do not (yet?) know the freedom that is found in Christ.

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You do find grace, saved by grace through Jesus, sanctification, justification, in many Universalist groups.  In many you do not.  My point in all of this is to do your own research, and not rely on others to define it for you, because if you make a decision out of fear, chances are you'll spend the rest of your life in some sort of fear, every time you goof up.
After years of brow beating my poor old grandmother after I left the church, I came to the conclusion that since God is perfect, he will be seeing all of his children again.  Not saying there won't be consequences to pay for some, just saying, based on scripture, especially in Luke, ALL will be seeing God, and acknowledging Christ doesn't have to happen here.  It doesn't have to include the "magic words" fundamentalists insist we use when proving our worth to them.  It doesn't have to mean we go around blaming certain groups for catastrophic events happening in our lifetime.  It simply means we can have the peace of Christ, can follow his admonition to love our neighbor as ourselves, and get on with it.  I prefer to leave my LDS relatives alone, rather than make them and me miserable.

I've actually wondered this many times myself! I think there is no right answer. I think that some Mormons are saved-I just think that it is kind of rare. I guess what I am saying is that with all of the mess to wade around in within the church, it would be a miracle for someone to actually be able to find Christ there. However, I think that on the rare occasion it may happen.

When evangelizing to Mormons, I think that one should focus on being saved by grace alone through faith alone, with no add on's or buts.

The mormon church does not teach saving doctrines, as in saved by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of our lives.  However, I have found many mormon individuals to be more "Christian" in their faith of Christ, and in practicing christian principals than so called "saved" christians.  If you only take it on a fundamental face value, you leave out 3/4 of the world, and I personally don't think a perfect God created that many people to burn in hell.  If he is perfect, and his love is all consuming, it would be rather impossible, don't you think?

I really don't think so but that's just opinion on it. Who knows what any of the "missionaries" or TBM's would think of Ephesians 2:8-9. "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— 9 not by works, so that no one can boast".  


They would probably say... oh, doesn't apply to us.. because we're the TRUE church and everyone else is wrong.  

But what of the plethora of scriptural texts that state that all God's children will be with him?  All we have the gift of grace, beit in this life, or the next.  We cannot keep hiding from these simple things written within the books everyone quotes from.  Here's the first for openers:  Luke 3:6  All mankind will see God's salvation.  Pretty straight forward, huh?

Here's the problem and it comes down to the Mormon doctrine on the nature of God. The God of Mormonism is not the God who reveals Himself in His Word. The Mormon Jesus bears no resemblance to the Jesus of the Bible. And finally the Mormon Holy Ghost and the Mormon Holy Spirit are two different and separate things.

In order to be saved, in my opinion, someone has to put their faith in a qualified Savior. Jesus is God incarnate. The Mormon Jesus is the spirit offspring of a mother-father god who live on or near the planet Kolob. I'm not splitting hairs here. The distinction is important.

Also, salvation in Mormonism is a two-part deal. There is a universal salvation that everyone who ever lived gets at some level. The other part of Mormon salvation has to do with jumping through all the right hoops in order to become a god.

I wouldn't even begin to think that I could judge someone's soul. However we don't do folks any favors by pretending they are born again by the Spirit of God when they don't know who He is.

It is important to distinguish here that there are a lot of Mormon doctrines that the "average" member would not recognize. For example, your average young woman might not even know that she supposedly has a Heavenly Mother or she may have never even heard of Kolob. It is unfair to assume that because someone claims to be Mormon that they are not saved. Yes, they may have the wrong idea about a lot of things-but so do a lot of us. To assume that they need to know a certain amount of doctrine before they can be saved, or that their faith is insufficient may be, from my standpoint, presumptous. Remember that Mormons still do study the bible, and I firmly believe that there is every possiblity for the Spirit to work in anyone's life, regardless of circumstance.

So, to summarize: Just because someone claims to be Mormon does not mean that they believe in all the doctrines of Mormonism, and hence I think that one cannot judge whether they are saved or not. I argue that there is most definitely a possibility that some of them are. Definitely, I agree that there is a lot of junk standing in the way that one would have to toss out in order to have it happen, but I do not think it is impossible.

Since I'm a Universalist, I believe if you have to have a "saved" mentality to get through this life into the next, mormons are certainly there.
But Christians pretend to know others souls all the time.  Every damn day.  They make the call themselves.  They ask people at church if they know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and you better have the right answer, or they'll tell you where you are headed.  No one knows more about judgement, in my opinion, that Christians.  And I do consider myself a Universalist Christian.

Well, let's be fair here...Judgement goes with pretty much every religion ever created. And that's the point-CREATED. I firmly believe that Jesus hates religion. If he didn't, he would have spent his spare time with the Pharisees instead of the "unclean".

I would say that we all have a problem with judgement because we're human. We judge all the time in order to survive. The problem comes when we judge prematurely using only our own biases instead of the facts to make said judgement.

So Pollypinks, I certainly am with you. I have had more than enough of overzealous ________ (enter your religion here). Everyone has them. And those are the ones that are missing the boat.

The good thing about being saved is that Jesus does it-not us. Thank goodness it is not up for us to decide, because we would make a horrible mess of it.

Well, Jesus had a talk with a leader of the Jews called Nicodemus. Jesus talked to Him about being born again. He was holding Nicodemus responsible for knowing what that meant. Nicodemus came up empty, thinking about physical birth. Nicodemus had the OT scriptures and it's there that the concept of having a new heart is presented. It's in Jeremiah 31:33-34.

The NT is pretty clear regarding what is required for salvation.



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