Share what games you are playing and if you game online, share your gamer tag/id if you want.

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At the moment it's mainly Starcraft 2 for me. My username is Blink and my friend code is 727. If anyone ever sees me online shoot me a whisper and we can play (if I don't answer it's because I'm a game).  :)
World of Warcraft still ;). Avelandea on Korialstraz (I don't play hardcore anymore though)

Friend gave me a copy of sc2 however - someday I will finish single player mode.
I mostly play Facebook games, lol (Restaurant City and Back Yard Monsters).  I also play Forza 3, Dirt 2, Need for Speed Underground (wanning to get Hot Pursuit) and Star Craft 2.
I'm a WOW playing housewife too. What server are you on, and whats your username? I wish there was an exmormon guild. I'm part of the LDS guild and I hate it. Nobody talks to each other or makes efforts to be friends. I'm on VekNilash and my name is Shmemily, but I haven't played in awhile because I wanted to be able to socialize more.
Presently focusing on Rift. Right now I'm a pyromancer on Shaddenfall, Defiant side. I'm not sure where I'll be when it goes live.

Other than that, I have a playstation I use on occasion. Username Akamar, but I'm not on there often. I'm also Twilakam on xbox.. but my brother has that at the moment.
I play Battlefield 2 and World of Warcraft. My handle on Steam is sk8_terchick. My realm on World of Warcraft is VekNilash...char name Shmemily. For the Alliance! I hope to meet some of you soon via gaming! Woohoo!

I play FF both for ps2 and xbox, rock band/guitar hero for xbox, COD MW2&BO, Lego Starwars/Super Mario Bro for wii, Sim city, Heros of Might and Magic and warcraft (the only reason why I don't play WoW is because I know I would lose myself in it ;)...)for PC.  Wow ok after all that was listed I have now realized that I am a Geek lol.


Gamertag xbl: Anitsirk80


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