Let's Talk About Sex - Documentary on Teen Sex and Education Alternatives

From YouTube: This earnest and engaging documentary explores modern adolescent sex and and takes a journey to the Netherlands, where alternative approaches are utilized to educate sexually active young people.

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There's always an assumption that if we properly educate our children they won't have sex.  It's a coin toss.  And children do lie, even the goody two shoes kids.  I spent 23 years in a nursing career, and started talking about body parts and sexual feelings and acts when they were barely old enough to grasp it.  Also told them they could always tell me anything, and I wouldn't get mad, and we'd work through whatever situation they may be struggling with.  I was stupid.  I now tell mothers to put their daughter on the shots when they hit junior high.  Mine came home at 17, and I wasn't even aware she was seeing anyone since she had a 4.0, and sat around reading all the time, and told me she was pregnant.  I cried all night.  Long story short, the best thing for the baby if any teen really loves the baby we felt, would be open adoption.  Open, because you have the ability to visit, write, find out what's happening, all the while knowing you can't provide what's being provided for your baby.  Or, you can keep the baby, with your brain not fully developed, and saddle your mother with it, and continue to date, and promote the statistics of teen moms who don't go on to school.  We made it to 7 weeks and she miscarried, and this time I cried for joy.  And then I did what I should have done in the first place.  Birth control.  And when my son was old enough, I left a box of condoms in his room for him, and we had frequent discussions about how he felt about  himself, consequences if he fathered a child that someone kept and raised without decent benefits, etc.  They are having SEX, and don't tell me your little darlings wouldn't dare do such a thing, because they would, and given the right circumstances, like a fight with their parents, they could.

My girls will be given this book to read http://www.amazon.ca/Our-Bodies-Ourselves-New-Edition/dp/0743256115
We are also considering giving to our son at an appropriate time as well.... Anyone else read it?


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