I suffer from mental illness. Also a survivor of 2 accidents, which caused head injuries, and also suffer from parential abuse growing up (mostly from my father).

With these, I am still able to function and do things (sometimes, it may take alittle time to figure out something or to get the drift).

I am still a person, but with hidden challenges. Doesn't hurt to social with me or be a friend.

Hope you are cool about this. This is just me sharing what I have been through.

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I suffer from mental illness, als o a survivor of 2 accident which caused head injuries. I am still capable of doing things, but sometimes it takes me time (mentally) to complete them.
Sorry Computer troubles had me not here for a wile.

This is the place to talk about this kind of stuff.
Sorry, I made my comment/reply in the main group wall, missed spotting that your comment was from a discussion on the group. I'm cool about anybody, disablement shouldn't be a just cause for anyone not being somebody's friend, ever, imo.
I, too, am mentally ill (to the extent that I am in my 20's and on SSDI) and also have some physical impairments from a car accident I was in when I was 15 (interestingly enough it was an accident I got in on the way to high school from seminary in a car driven by the Bishops daughter - I broke my neck in the accident). I am happily exmo, and find my disabilities to be more of a strength to me in my daily life than a hindrance.
I am Bipolar, type 2. Have had depression since I was seven and was suicidal at the age of 10! My mother was the abusive one in my family. I also have degenerative joints in my knees and am on SSDI. I'm cool with it! :)
I have no problem with mental illness. My Mother is mentally ill. I really don't feel that anyone here would have a problem with mental illness.

The thing that is most important is that we do not accept any limitation we are given and look for the opportunities with in it. ADD has good things in it. ADHD does as well. A person with those issues can do sixteen things at once and sometimes I have trouble doing one at a time! :)

Just know of your own value and tell others that DO (not perceptional) but DO have a bad view to stick their views in their, ...well, just say stick it where the sun don't shine. You are a good person, of endless value and of worth.
Take care and determine to have an excellent day!

Thanks, Don! :)
Oh, where are my manners?!?! Welcome and have an excellent day, yourself! :)
I am very grateful for my illnesses, all of them. Wonderful things have come out of them like being able to have empathy for those around me having similar issues. My physical issues have caused some rough side effects that have caused me to go holistic medicinally and improve my diet. It's been a long journey and I know I have many difficult days ahead, but am hopeful and grateful.
I, too, have been dropped for being ill in public situations and friend situations.


its sad that there is just so little understanding of mental illnesses.

you are indeed still a person my friend with feelings and gifts in amongst all those not very nice challenges you face. hope you are feeling ok.

just wanted to reply to say i kind of know what you must be going through i cant say i know how you feel coz only you do.

but i know depression personally and my sister and a dear friend both suffer with mental illness. my friend sadly has had to go in and out of mental hospitals most of her life shes middle aged now and onlyhas just a few of her friends who still talk to her.

its a shame but like her your not alone and im sure this site can offer that friendship you would like.

take care all of you hear who suffer with one thing or another xx


Today i had a special experience.  My Mom had a flashof regular processes for about 20 minutes today.  She is a mental patient, and much like the movie "Notebook" goes in and out, mostly out.

  Today I was at her house and she said "Hi Donny", which startled me because she has not called me that in years.  I went over to her and asked her if she was ok, and asked if she wanted anything.  We spoke, I held her hand and I hugged her...just loving her.  This was about 1:15 pm.   At 1:30  or so she started slipping away and by 1:35 she was gone,  and her other personality settled in.   That was the firs time I have inter-acted with my Mother in years.  As old as she is it might be the last.  God, it was so much like the movie "Notebook" that it hurt as I could understand better what had just happened.  

Mental illness, (defined by comparison by the perception of a majority) is an opportunity to love a scared and needing person.  They know they are treated rude at times being told to hurry up, pushed or pulled and maybe hurting themselves due to that, People speak of them and to them rudely.  They have ears and understand and i have no dought can see they are different.   However, they are alive and have feelings.  Life, from the unborn to the aged, is an important force.  

 If you have someone in your family that could use love, or you just have so much of it that you can share some of your goodness with others, do so.  Tell them that you think of them, that you care about them and you are glad that they are in your life in a very warm and special spot.  They will appreciate it and you will have such growth.  My life grew today, I cried like a baby and still am.



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