Hello!  I am so happy to see this forum sparking up.  What a fantastic network we have, and so many colorful experiences to share.

With that in mind, I was wondering if I could open up a topic regarding discrimination and disability.  I notice the majority of my discrimination has come because of my mental illness (my official diagnosis: Bi-polar type I, OCD, generalized anxiety disorder - some also feel my political and social ideals are a disability also, lol) in the form of not being taken seriously.  I have strong feelings about social constructs and political ideals and I find I am not taken seriously often, people just write me off as a lunatic.  The only place I find myself taken seriously is in academia, I have some wonderful progressive folks who embrace my thoughts even if they don't agree with them.  I know that within religious circles I have always been dis-regarded as a crazy person and not taken seriously.  So very Christian.

Anyhow, what different ways have you felt discrimination because of your disabilities and how have you been able to rise above the adversity and stand firm in who you are?

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