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This is for those exmos that are disabled or were disabled or know someone who is. We've been given extra challenges not everyone would understand.

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Mental illness & challenges

Started by Billy Forbes. Last reply by Laman2000 Mar 5, 2012. 12 Replies

I suffer from mental illness. Also a survivor of 2 accidents, which caused head injuries, and also suffer from parential abuse growing up (mostly from my father).With these, I am still able to…Continue

Disability and discrimination

Started by Naomi Nov 5, 2010. 0 Replies

Hello!  I am so happy to see this forum sparking up.  What a fantastic network we have, and so many colorful experiences to share.With that in mind, I was wondering if I could open up a topic…Continue

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Comment by Happy Now on January 19, 2014 at 10:09pm
Hello , I'm new the site , I was actually just going through and looking at all the groups and though I'd try this one , I guess I'm just an overly friendly person , I have written a welcome letter to the other groups I have joined but no one is talking to me , which does not help my already damaged self esteem from leaving a group of mormons who judged me for breathing wrong !! Well I have RA and Fibromyalgia
Depression .
Comment by pollypinks on February 16, 2012 at 11:51am

I love the UK!!  Haven't been there for 30 years, but absolutely loved the people and the culture.  I'd like to get back there someday.

Comment by moomoo on February 16, 2012 at 9:00am

p.s so sorry for got to say hope your ok and im glad so far your not doing too bad xx

Comment by moomoo on February 16, 2012 at 8:59am

hi polly

its quite refreshing to hear you talk about stuff like the bible as you have. i know that hell was never made for people but the devil and his demons. i cant say i know indepth the things i read in the bible im trying too but its Gods word thats all i really need to know.

it is weird that the oridgonal greek and hebrew texts where we get what we read today have been re-translater so many times. still God i feel has ment it to still be in the world..

and with the mormon legaliost rubbish i agree life is not ment to be how we had it in that church. i have a dear friend who is somewhere on this site lol too who was told that because she left the church her husband who sadly died would be sealed to someone worthy now how awful to say that and thats coming from a pracicing mormon.

anyway im not doing too bad thanks so far and i dont want to jinx it lol but this winter hasnt been too bad on my Ms so thats good bit up and down but i find when its cold i can walk easier so thats good i guess.

im in the uk and it has been mild but  had a few days of very cold and snow a week or two back.

well ill chat soon xx moo

Comment by pollypinks on February 16, 2012 at 7:54am

Moomoo, I don't avoid people with disorders of an auto immune nature, but, I've found in the past that many people tend to think I'm just like them in disease nature, and it's just easier not to talk about it.  You know the line, "Oh, I know just what you're talking about."  You and I know they don't.  And I've found my most peaceful times those in meditation concerning my health, family, etc., and that my prayers are usually done in quiet alone times as well, simply because my level of faith is different than my husband's.  It no longer bothers me.  I've spent 24 years doing ample research in greek meaning of Biblical texts that most feel are deal breakers, only to realize that originally they didn't mean what they mean today at all.  And I was fraught with discontent when I finally came across universal scriptures that apply to all, realizing pastors purposefully leave these out of sermons simply to gain personal power in having people fear hell and come to them for saving.  It's infuriating to think that a so called perfect God would create 3/4 of his children to burn in hell, when, in fact, hell and fire weren't mentioned until Rome got a hold of the Bible.  And then you have people claiming you aren't Christian if you don't claim the Bible inerrant.  Well, what am I to think, knowing it's been re-translated by human beings over 600 times?  So I say, leave our spouses to relax and believe what they will, don't worry over our children who aren't like us, don't worry about the neighbors, join in community of all faiths in a hope of good faith and well being, and don't shun people just because they are different from us.  Like the Witnesses, shunning or ex-ing members for having different religious reading material in their homes.  I'm done with legalistic mormon behavior, and on to more accepting manners, even with those I just mentioned.  I do hope you are feeling okay, and that if you are in a winter climate, as I am, you are weathering it well.  Winter is tough on me, but this year has been mild.

Comment by moomoo on February 16, 2012 at 1:55am

 hi pollypinks

its really nice to get your message thanks. how are you ? if you dont mind me asking do you tend to avoid people with an auto immune desease? i tend too esp in winter people really dont understand my immune system is alot weaker than those who are well.

anyway my hubby and me have been together for 12 years now so although i feel sad we cant share our faith, read the bible and pray together im very open about my faith with him and its not really been a problem withy us apart from a few things ive really not been happy with. but all that aside its all ok.

i struggle more really with the fact i have ms and really dont get it at all. long story... lol

its great to chat to you i hope your doing ok xx love moo xx

Comment by pollypinks on February 15, 2012 at 12:29pm

Concerning the newcomer with a disability.  I too have disabilities, and struggled with my belief system for years.  I too am a Christian, though rather liberal in thought.  If your marriage is important to you, do not let the religious differences be a deal breaker.  We got too much of that in the LDS faith.  There is always room to be supportive of each other regardless of faith differences.  For years my husband was a fundamentalist Christian, while I battled with more liberal issues, and we'd go toe to toe occasionally.  We now both realize that  was ridiculous, that there was room for each other, and that it's okay to disagree on some things.  I'm sorry you are isolated.  That in and of itself can be detrimental to your health issues.  You have friends and support here.  Take advantage of it, and don't hesitate to email me personally if you ever wish to.  I live with 3 auto immune disorders.

Comment by moomoo on February 15, 2012 at 7:21am

hello im new to this site im disabled due to having MS and just officially left the mo church after years of feeling isolated, lonely and not given the support i needed. i live an hour away from the nearest mo church and wasnt able to go for years. it got silly no contact and i didnt feel i believed what they were teaching and what i saw tied up.


i am still a Christian and my faith in God is now starting to get stronger again He has never left me.

i struggle with fellowship the not having any like i used to in my old church.

i went through the temple and i just felt it was satan who was glorified there not Jesus.


id love to make friends on this site so hi everyone.

im married to someone whos not a christian and he cant acknowlage i have a disability which affects everything in my life.

when i was in the mo churcgh i became suicidal over the lack of care and probs at home . didnt get support or acknlagement from that either. so would be great to hear from you out there in freedom land on the site xx


love moo

Comment by pollypinks on October 10, 2011 at 8:03am

Aha!  I didn't realize I was already on this group!  We haven't been talking much, heh?

Comment by pollypinks on October 10, 2011 at 8:01am

I would like to join this group, if you'll have me.  I have bipolar disorder, along with 3 auto-immune diseases, and hate it when people of normal health pat me on the back and say, "How are you?"  Like they'd know.  I had a mother who was distant, cold, and down right abusive in many instances, and it affected my abilities as an adult female in how I thought of myself, how I fit in in school, how I chose men, and how I parented.  I feel like I've forgiven her, but they say the same sex parent has the most influence, and she really did.


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