When we first left the church, we started on Folgers Coffee brand, sampling the different variety of darkness, flavors and such, and pretty much kept with that brand until recently when we got a sample for Seattle's Best Coffee from my TBM SIL.  It was much smoother and without the burnt taste we were used to that we've now switched to drinking mostly Seattle's Best, but still using Folgers in our Frappe maker since the coffee flavor isn't as distinct.  So what brands have you tried, and which do you prefer?

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My mom drank coffee when I was very young.  I loved the smell so much that it became my most favorite drink after I left the cult.  In fact I have accualty become very anal about it.  I invested a lot of money in my equipment such as a commercial esspresso pump machine from Italy, two seperate grinders and even my own coffee roaster.  I buy my beans green and have had some very good results roasting.  Thus having the freshest coffee that can be had.  My favorite summer drink is an iced lattee.  Two shots for a small one and 4 shots for a large.  Lightly sweetened and using whole milk & ice. 


I have tasted Seattle's Best in the Seattle airport and really liked it.  I have also had some good coffee from Starbucks.  For a less expensive coffee that is alway fresh and tasty, I have really liked the Kirkland brand in the green bag form Costco.


Good drinking to all!!!  Please feel free to come by and have a great cup at my house.


I have had good luck buying my green coffee beans from sweetmarias.com   They are also a good source for general coffee info.  Where do you get your green beans?

I have tried so many different kinds of coffee (even before I was ex-mo) and now I work for a place that sells Equal Exchange/Peace Coffee and I'm not sure what kind I have been drinking at work. 


Currently in the cup here at home is Folgers with LOTS of Vanilla Caramel creamer. 

Oh I love coffee. All the years (wasted) in the church, I kept trying different combinations: Postum, Cafix, dandelion root, various combos with cocoa powder. But what I really wanted was coffee! Now every morning I grind some beans fresh (from Trader Joes or Mothers, someplace that cycles through somewhat freshly roasted beans frequently), use that cool gadget the Aeropress, and make astonishing coffee every morning, usually soy latte, sweetened with stevia, with a few tablespoons of fresh, organic, heavy cream. As good as an orgasm.



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