Hi all, sorry, new here. I've heard about lots of different coffee makers (automatic, manual, drip, french press, etc).  I've tried a few, but the Aeropress is the best (IMHO), has anyone tried it, what is your experience?  I love it because I was looking for an espresso maker, but didn't want to spend that much money, this makes espresso, which I can then use to make all sorts of things, like: 

What are your favorites?

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I have a French press for coffee and a Bialetti for espresso. The Bialetti makes my favorite espresso that I've tried by far. There's just something richer about the flavor and texture. I haven't tried an Aeropress yet!

I use the Aeropress as a portable for use on cruise ships and caravan camping.   It is less messy and easier to clean than a french press.   The cruise ships don't allow you to have any kind of heating element so one must get their hot water from hot water dispensers in the Lido or room service tea.  So the Aeropress meets those circumstances.  For just plain coffee I don't think you can beat a simple drip machine.  I do have two french presses, an espresso/drip machine (DeLonghi) a bur grinder, coffee roaster and a one cup drip funnel.  Roasting your own coffee or finding a good roaster to buy from takes coffee drinking to new heights.

Do you grind your coffee every day with the burr grinder? Is it a hand grinder like Tim Ferris uses? He swears that you can tell a big difference from electric grinders, but my electric grinder still works, so I haven't bought a hand grinder.


I've used an Aeropress for more than a year now. I adore it. Every morning, it's a ritual, a cup for me, a cup for my husband. I usually make soy latte but no foam :) and add heavy cream to mine. I'm off sugar, so I use stevia, yum. I have the paper filters and finally got down to a pattern of using one every day (I used to reuse them till they were clogged). Now I see that Aeropress is selling a metal filter and I'm tempted to get one, except I can just see myself accidentally throwing it away. Mmmm, coffee made with the Aeropress...


 I don't mind the paper filters, I picked some up from Amazon fairly cheap I'll reuse a filter once though, if I think about it, otherwise, no worries.  Some say the metal filter is good, but for me I didn't like the grit from a French Press, and I'm still convinced that I wouldn't end up with superfine particles in the mix, and I'd rather it just go through the paper, but I'm glad to hear that others are using it and loving it, before I knew of such a thing I kept trying to find ways of "straining" my french press, including trying to put a coffee filter on the metal mesh screen (haha, ended up creating a pressure and then sprays of coffee everywhere--a very failed attempt).  I love being able to make a "coffee concentrate", probably mostly to make iced coffee :)


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