Since I started the group I will start with the introductions.  I am a 30 year old mother of three, exmormon and an atheist.  I first started watching anime around 2006 (I know kinda late in life huh....Better late than never though ;)...) and I haven't stopped since.  Some of my favorites are:



Naruto Shippuden

Full Metal Alchemist

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood


Trinity Blood

Rurouni Kenshin




and the list goes on and on lol.  I love anime art and hopefully with some practice I will have some of my own art to share.  Well that's a little about me...........join me and lets talk about what we enjoy.

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I discovered Dragon Ball on my mission in Chile. Then got addicted for a couple years while we had it on cable. Still wanting to watch the rest ;-)
Welcome to the group Micah, I hope that you find some interesting new anime to add to your repertoire.  You might be able to find Dragon Ball on or, both stream and have access to a huge variety of anime.  That is how I usually keep up with current shows, shows that I want to see again and how I found quite a few new ones as well.
I'm a mid-twenties, exmo, divorcée (no kids), college student, turned atheist. Anime, along with Chocolate French Silk pie and gourmet cupcakes are on my guilty pleasures list. Not that I feel guilt in the religious sense, just that I'm a little embarrassed by how much I like anime. I frequently use my half-Asian heritage as an excuse. ~_^ Never thought I'd find a group like this on LAM, so I couldn't resist joining. 

Subs or Dub?
I prefer subtitles because sometimes I can't stand the english actor's take on the emotional expression of the character. Sometimes the english voice acting is good, but not always. The subs don't bother me. I usually knit while I watch subed anime. 

Favorite Animes:
Time of Eve (my all time favorite - so far)
Azu Manga Daioh
Fruits Basket
Full Metal Alchemist
Darker than Black
Bamboo Blade

What I'd recommend:
Time of Eve (Sci-Fi, Futuristic/Drama), Mushi-shi (Supernatural), Morbito (Martial arts/Drama), Samurai Champloo (especially if you liked Afro Samurai), The Sword of the Stranger (great martial arts with a touching story), Ghost Hunt (Horror, Supernatural), Baccano! (Action, Comedy, Drama) 
(All of these, except for Samurai Champloo, Azu Manga Daioh and The Sword of the Stranger, are available through one of the sources I've mentioned below.)

Free streaming sources for Anime: seems like its mostly subs on this one. I like this one best because if you set up a free account with them you can create your own watch lists and favorites. I learned about it two years ago from an acquaintance and have been using it since. (usually has anime available in both dub & sub)

I use the first two the most. Two other free sources I've used are:

 Netflix has been improving the anime they have available to stream.
   Crunchyroll also has a paid service that blocks adds, releases of new episodes are available a week early, and some anime series are only available through the paid service. I am doing fine with the free account.

About me:

Twenty three, been into anime since my sophomore year in high school, got everyone else hooked on it, ha ha ha! XD I have a sense for what anime people would like, it's fairly good. :D


My favorites are:

Cowboy Bebop

Sgt Frog

School Rumble

Honey and Clover (it was just cute)

Trinity Blood


Soul Eater


There are many much more but those are some of the ones I enjoyed the most. :3 I do draw in anime, I have a deviantart I share it on. I read Bleach, I don't watch it. It's different in the books. I'm still reading Claymore and I kind of like darker ones, like Franken Fran and Berserk as well. Those are for the disturbed individuals that don't mind lots of gore, blood, and just weird plots. I'm also hooked to the manga called Addicted to Curry. I do have my own style of anime and I do fan art every now and then! I also cosplay when I have the chance at anime conventions. :x

I am an old time Anime fan. Got burned out for a while I have started watching Anime again. Run an Anime club years ago. Used to run the Anime room and panels at Sci Fi cons.

Favorite Anime

Ah My Goddess

Ranma 1/2

El -Hazard


Macros (Robotech)


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