Share your favorite mixed drink that lessons the alcohol flavors and are easy going down.

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I'm still a rookie.  Sambuca is the best thing I've tried.  It is often served flaming.  Has a very strong licorice flavor. 


I do NOT recommend a chocolate-ghost-pepper martini.

What I've found to be easiest to drink and order at a bar: vodka cranberry or margarita. A little boring but good staples. :)

Fuzzy Navels, Cosmopolitans, anything mixed with fruit juice is nice.  I especially prefer Appletinis, they are awesome lol.


I also like a 7 and 7, which is a seagrams 7 Gin with 7up...rum and cokes, tell them to go heavy on the soda if you're skittish about the taste of Rum.


Also I definitely love love love Margaritas!



My wife would second the fuzzy navel and would add a mai tai to the list.
Anything with vodka is usually what i go with. Vodka/Orange juice (Screwdriver), Vodka/Cranberry, Vodka/Energy (Red Bull, or any energy drink,), Vodka/Sprite, Vodka/Lemonade (Spiked Lemonade), There's probably more but I'll leave it at that. Vodka usually goes down pretty easy. I recommend a higher end vodka for a smoother taste and a less likely chance of a hangover. I currently have Stolichnaya, a russian vodka in my fridge but Skyy is another good one i use. not really cheap but not too expensive either.
margaritas are great. Pina coladas. Anything fruity is really good to hide the alcohol taste. Rum and coke is also a good start or rum and whatever you like. Still a newbie as well. I also really like citrus mixes like vodka collins.

Schnapps are your friend when you're new to drinking.  It's candy in a bottle.


A personal favorite is to put a shot of Buttershots (butterscotch) in with the contents of can of cream soda.  If you're feeling extra adventuresome, throw in a shot of amaretto.  

My favorites - 

White Russian (Kahlua coffee, Vodka, and half&half).  Wife's version is a Kahlua and Cream - same drink, minus the vodka. 

Also love a Sidecar and classic Manhattan, but it's taken a while to get there.  If you ever find yourself in a Brazilian place you much order a caipirinha - amazing.  Also fantastic - a nice classic mojito.  


It's all so good!

You nailed it and your name is "The Dude". Lebowskians unite!

For a nice, light refreshing summer drink, order a Mojito.  Rum, seltzer (or 7Up), fresh mint, sugar and fresh lime.  Goes reat with BBQs, Mexican food and burgers.  Also made with fruit flavors, but the basic is a great starter drink.


After dinner, I agrewe with the White Russian and/or Kahlua and Cream.  Sweet and smooth for people starting.  Also a simple alternative is Bailey's Irish Cream on the rocks.  If you're a traveler and get near Jamaica, Sangster's Rum Cream occassionally beats Bailey's (in international competitions), but you can't get it in the states.

My favorite mixed drink is Chambord mixed with sprite or ginger ale.  It is a black raspberry liquor.  You have to be careful though because it is very smooth going down.  I like sweeter drinks and this one is.
Can't miss with a mojito. But I was pleasantly surprised to find how much I enjoy Sapphire gin and tonic on the rocks.


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