Share beers that you have tried that are easy for first time beer drinkers.

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Beers that I find easy going down (chilled!):

Bud Light Lime
Corona with lime wedge
Mike's Hard varieties (Lemonade, pomegranate, raspberry, etc)
Hard Ciders

I tried Bud light lime and almost vomited. I like those clamato mixed ones, though, like the paisas drink. Takes you to a Baja Beach in four swigs flat.


Hard Ciders can be very good, but I haven't had a good one this side of the Atlantic yet. Always too sweet, never dry. I blame american apples for being to darn sweet and yummy.

Are you sure Mike's Hard Lemonade is beer; that is, is it made from hops and barley?  I always thought it was lemonade with a touch of distilled liquor.  Am I wrong?
Mike's is a malt liquor, definitely not beer... 

I can confirm that Mikes Hard Lemonade has some malt in it. I am wheat intolerant and got the red flush from drinking a small amount. They do claim it is gluten free, but its certainly not wheat/barley free. Here is what they say on their website. "We start with a malt base of fermented barley, not unprocessed barley, and hops that are processed using a highly specialized, multi-stage filtration process. Step three of this proprietary filtration process - which Mike's has perfected - removes all the color, malt sugars, glucose and flavors from the malt base. The end result? An extremely pure neutral malt base that is gluten-free."

Forgive me if this double-posted).  If you are ever in Oregon, OR is to Beer what the Napa Valley is to wine.  Over 400 micro-breweries.  No matter what state or city you find a brew house and you want to experiment, order one of their sampler trays to find out what your pallate prefers.  Hefeweisens are usually pretty tame and most folks like them.  Just remember that no matter what someone else prefers your own tastes are not to be disputed!

When I first started drinking while still a Mormon a young college student going to parties, I tended to migrate towards Smirnoff Ices and the wine coolers, cause even though they're called wine coolers, they're really just flavored beer lol. 


Bud light is D-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g.  

I am a novice beer drinker and I enjoy Blue Moon with an orange wedge, and Coronas dome "Michelada" style with a lot of Lime and Salt.


Beer coctails are fun, I like Lager and Lime which is bass Ale mixed with Sprite.  I say find a local brewhouse and try some samples.  

Since I currently reside in Europe, I have had the opportunity to taste some of the best beers/ciders known to man. Nothing american can beat european beer. my favorite would have to be Magners, which is an Irish Cider. They have Apple and Pear cider. Great taste. also Kriek which is a belgian style beer made from cherries is really good as well. and then there's bulmers and strongbow which is a lot more available than magners.but not the same quality. :(
I have to agree Magners is amazing :) Have you ever tried Kopparberg? It's a Swedish Cider and the main flavours are Pear, Apple and Mixed Fruit but there are more and IMO it's better than Magners. If you like Magners then you'd really enjoy it.
I started on some fruitier light beers. Those weren't half bad, but still a bit bitter. I tried Guinness the other day and realized that I'm not a huge beer fan. I'd say stick with the lighter beers, for sure, to start out with. Oh, and mike's are good but don't really taste like they have any alcohol anyway.

Craft beers are often the best way to go.  A lot of the mass produced stuff just doesn't have a very good taste quality.  I have a soft spot for Terrapin and Sweetwater, but they're both Georgia companies and are hard to find out of the deep south.


Try the various Blue Moon Ales.  Smooth, very pleasant, good balanced flavor, not overly strong.  

I agree that craft beers are the way to go. I can handle a budlight lime occasionally but prefer less popular options. 


Anything hefeweizen I tend to enjoy and if you have to go with a big beer maker then Sam Adams is the way to go.


I like MikeUtah's choices. 


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