It has been interesting observing the reactions to the Norwegian who opened fire shooting and killing many unarmed and helpless individuals. As they were down, he would rapidly shoot them again, in order that he made sure to end any semblance of life they had left. He held no remorse for what he had done. He maimed and killed as easily, as any military soldier in the world, that had been trained to punish and execute an unknown and ill prepared enemy, on behalf of some ideal that he had been taught to up hold and enforce.

Military recruiters lure their future recruits with the vision of being some famous hero. They offer them money, education, health care etc. if only they will be willing to main, destroy, plunder and kill, on behalf of whatever mob/lawless governing body...that is bribing them to do it. In fact, I think that the new creed for all militaries that work on behalf of mafia governments, should be the same as the Norwegian. "Yes, it was atrocious but necessary." Whether wrongful violence and unjustified persecution is done by a large army or one man, it is the same. This Beast's name is Mafia.


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I like that your response was vague, but it was necessary to convey your point of view.  That is all.

It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.
Albert Einstein

I am looking for messengers from my father. 

I think you're awesome BAR.

How is it that you have such a broad outlook on life and are unhindered by the narrow views of the world with their typical stereotyping? You Kohavah on the other hand have this gift and ability to see beyond the corruption of all mankind. We outside your wholly family are all so flawed and yet here you are in your perfect form passing righteous judgement upon is. Thank you for caring enough to come and dwell among us at LAM. We are each truly uplifted and edified by your wisdom. It exceeds my understanding and I can only aspire to reach such a pinnacle of morality and love that you extol!


War is humanity too desperate or filled with fear to act intelligently.

Yet we keep thinking it will solve something.

Why does this remind me of another discussion we've had before?


I am in my home, I do not own a gun and am quietly enjoying my evening. I am not causing harm to anyone or provoking them. I simply exist. Perhaps I live a different existence than some agree with. I could be Republican or Democrat, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, or Pagan, I could be male or female, I could live in Afghanistan, America, Brazil, England, or France. It doesn't matter because someone out there does not like me for who I am, where I live, what I do or do not believe, but simply hate me because I am not like them. I do not agree with them. Once more, I am simply existing- not harming someone or provoking them. Live and let live. Someone breaks into my home and starts attacking me, wanting to kill me and my family for whatever reason when I have done nothing to them. Do I defend myself or do I sit back and take it because if I'm peaceful enough then everyone else will of course be peaceful.

I, personally, fight back. I am not going to sit back and watch this person or persons continue killing off the people I love. If I don't everyone dies.

That to me is the difference between having a military to defend and protect against the hate of the world and the one person who shot and killed innocent people at a camp. I do not lump them in together, they do not belong together, and they never will. This person who killed those people at that camp I'm sure he had some justification or rationalization in his mind as to why it was ok. Everyone thinks their actions are ok. If we do nothing, he continues killiing. If we don't go to war we get killed. Is it unfortunate that the world is this way? Yes, of course it is. It'd be nice if there were no violent people in the first place. Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in. Would it be nice if people could solve their problems without going to war? Yes it would, but people don't do that. Unfortunately there are people who have to go to war before they are willing to sit down and solve their problems. We don't always see or hear all the events leading up to war, all the attempts at making peace before war happens, because that isn't interesting enough for the media to project.

The government is not a mafia, nor is it a beast. Is it perfect? No. Did the Norwegian that killed act on part of his government? No, he acted on his own ideals, reasons, and hatred. His government did not send him in to do it, he came up with and acted on this alone. He was not coerced or forced to do so. It was not his job to go in and kill anyone as it would be a soldiers job to go and defend his country. It is quite a far fetched idea to relate this Norwegian to a militant soldier.

Hey, maybe someday we will have that perfect world where everyone is so understanding and enlightened that there is no need for war, killing or hate. Too bad we don't live there because then everyone would be safe.

Well said. It reminds me of a George Orwell quote "Those who "abjure" violence can only do so because others are committing violence on their behalf."

I think you are confusing the different meaning of mob. Mob being slang for the mafia, or mob being a mass of people, in this case a democratically elected congress. We choose congress members and the president and are culpable when the leaders we choose vote to declare war (which hasn't happened since WWII I think) or continue funding military operations. I am against unjustified war. I feel that is what's happening in the Mideast right now. However the military is a necessary evil in the world. Your post came off to me as anti military. I am not sure if that is what you intended however.

So I can't help but wonder if you find any joy in this world and life when you hate and are angry about everything in it, including yourself (by your definition here)?


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