This was an eventful year for me.  A parent died and I separated from mormonism.

I stopped paying tithing around mid year.  I got my year-end pay stub today.  I made $10,000 more than last year!!  I guess there's a double blessing for being an non-tithe payer.  You keep your earnings and you earn more...

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 The greatest lessons about not paying tithing is realizing you dont have to pay your way to heaven anymore.If you really wanted to experiece giving then find someone you can help with money or not and experiece the art of giving with intention and love, not by fear of if you dont.You feel the real meaning of giving.Especially now you are a non mormon you can help those who dont believe the same as you did or do now.Congradulations for freeing your soul and mind the journey has just began. Beware of following another religion youll just get the same guilt,fear,and all that comes with it just in another form or label.Find out who you are and just enjoy the process of self discovery.If you follow you get what they give you,when you study all beliefs you can see the priciples that creates wisdom not faith.


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