I could not believe it when I read and article yesterday about the Word of wisdom and the NBC special Mormon in America, well wait yes I can believe it yet again the church is swaying and rewording. In the article it states that the church has never had an issue with caffeine, only with hot drink are you kidding me! Come on people I am not losing my mind caffeine has always been in the for front of WOW right?

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My family always drank caffeine growing up. *shrug* Maybe this is something that has just slowly changed over the years.

Depends on the family you grew up in and the level of fundies in your ward.  My family rarely drank caffeinated sodas.  Dr. Pepper was allowed if you didn't feel well in your stomach though, lol.  

My TBM family always viewed those who didn't drink caffeine as weirdos so I guess it's really a personal thing.

Yes!  This is a change from my perspective.  You cannot buy regular Coke on campus at BYU (at least you couldnt 15 years ago).

we even had members who not eat chocolate cake because chocolate contained caffine.


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