Ok, so yesterday it all just came together like an NFL team and the Superbowl trophy.

Ok, so...

Mormon Temples=God's house=Talking to and being near to God, Father etc.

Jesus said basically for all me to "come unto him", and it didn't matter what you looked like, where you were from, he accepted all people, sinners, leapers, etc. EVERYONE.

Even in Mormon theology, everyone can pray and connect with their "father".

But, then they twist it and say, BUT, only if you are WORTHY can you really get close to him by having his spirit with you and by going to the temple.

Besides the fact that this makes God look like a sensitive, disconnected, afraid of his own creation idiot, it completely contradicts the very Christianity that it claims to teach!

I never understood this as a child...never, but today I finally figured it out.

See, in Primary you are taught the Jesus stories, all about love, and how Jesus loved all the little children no matter what. You were told this was a free gift and you didn't have to do anything to gain this love. As a child, it was ok to pray, to walk with god and to be happy. But, as you grew up the message changed.

Suddenly you had to be "worthy" to really be with god in his temple. Worthiness meant major work emotionally and physically because you could no longer be who you really are. You had to be the CHURCH. You couldn't play anymore, you couldn't have fun anymore, you couldn't walk with god unless you...

1. Recruited others into the church.
2. Never drank, smoke, cusses, spit, showed any emotion whatsoever and did exactly what the church told you to.
3. No sex outside of marriage and only basic sexual positions within marriage.
4. Serve the church constantly, usually about 30 hours a week on top of your temporal job.
5. Marry early, marry fast, and procreate as soon after a mission as possible for me, and after HS for girls.
5. For the men, go on a mission, forget your own natural interests and goals, forget your own road map for your own life, go on that mission and suffer silently for 2 years.
6. For the women, forget your own natural interests and goals, forget your own road map for your life, marry anyone who asks as long as he is an RM, stay home, stay stagnant and breed as much as humanly possible.
7. Attend the same boring meetings your entire life...even though no new information is being presented and hasn't been presented for over 45 years.
8. Pay your tithing, your offerings, your missionary fund etc.

Only if you do these things will you be "worthy" to talk to god in his "house/temple".

(This is just sick even typing this)

So, you bend your very will over and do all of these things and finally get to the temple. You find plush carpets, expensive chandeliers,...and rooms, so many rooms! Then you find the locker room and you find LOCKS! Then you hear "ca-ching!" Is that a cash register?

Then you have to get naked! Then people touch you in really inappropriate places and you have to put on this knee to throat piece of underwear and are told you have to wear it the rest of you life!!!! It only comes in white by the way.

Then you as escorted into this little room and someone gets way too close to you and speaks this really long sentence and gives you a "new name". What was wrong with my old one? Why do I have to change my entire identity just to be with god? Didn't he love me as I was? Apparently not. I had to get naked, be washed of my earthly living (again, was I not good enough as I was? Man, they really had me going with all of that unconditional love in Primary!)

Then they take us down into this room with a bunch of seats and a small screen and an alter. The men are segregated from the women. You are told in the beginning you can leave if you want...but you don't know what you are about to go through so of course you don't leave...and then the movie starts.

A movie? Honestly, a movie...in the temple,...god's temple...a movie...that is just so not right on so many levels.

Satan? I'm learning about Satan? Satan is wearing an apron and then I'm asked to wear an apron like him? Satan is the "god of this world"? I thought Jesus was? Wait, Satan stays here and Jesus gets to go up the the safety clouds in the sky with god and I'm left down here with Satan, but yet, Jesus said he'd "always be with me." Wait, no, from this "movie", Satan is always with me, and Jesus is up in his Sky House.

Now I have to do freaky handshakes like I'm in a club house? You've got to be kidding me? I'm now in a circle with my hands up in the air like some weird cult asking god to "hear the words of my mouth..." Ummmm, wasn't he "hearing the words of my mouth" when I said my prayers this morning? I'm so confused. So, this weird way of praying is somehow more effective than my humble prayer of the heart? Hmmm, I guess the Bible is worthless after all.

So now....no, you've got to be kidding me! I have to touch some guy, do all these weird handshakes and talk about my "sinews"? This is disgusting!

Ok, now I'm finally in the "Celestial Room". Man, I've heard about this forever. Ok, nice carpet, nice lighting, ok, now I'm in the presence of god. Hmmm, actually I think the foyer of the Hilton in Vegas is nicer than this. Now, if I'm in the "Presence of God" (cue the music), where is he? I'm waiting...waiting...oh crap! This woman is telling me I have to leave! What are you talking about? I just spent my whole life conforming to this "church" which now I think is some really freaky cult and I can't even sit in the room of all rooms?

I storm out, get my "worldly clothes" on and leave. What a crock!

I do all of this work, almost kill myself to be "worthy" for THIS?

I call Bullcrap and FOUL!

I'm going back to my colorful undies, my beautiful gentile friends, my life interests and I'm going to invest my money in myself!




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Thanks for sharing all of that. We are enough and even more, just as we are.
You took the words from my mouth. That is exactly what I thought when I went to the temple. Going through the temple actually is what started me on my road to leaving "the church".
I know, man, you hear from the time you are born how spiritual the temple is, and then of course all through YW, it is DRILLED into your head how special, how spiritual, how you'll feel closer to god than you ever have,...yadda, yadda, yadda. It never occurred to me to really push people into telling me what happened there because I saw my parents go once a month and I couldn't bare the thought that they would be doing something creepy and then expect me to, so I just trusted them blindly as a child does. If I had had one inkling of what actually happened there I never would have gone. But that it the point, never discuss it outside of the temple, now I see why.

What a major lie and a let down. What part opened your eyes and when did you realize there was nothing remotely spiritual or even comfortable about it?

Thank you! I especially like this - "Today it is no stretch of intelligence to see keeping the 2 commandments of love requires no augmentation."
You said, "To me that symbolized what happens to the couples who continue to celebrate Morgdumb eternal life. You end up fading away."

I have to comment on this. This hits so close to home. I'm still alive, I'm still going forward and I'm still curious about life. However, after recently seeing my tbm family whom I haven't seen for a long time, I see exactly what you are describing. It is like they have stopped living in their souls. Nothing has changed, nothing is different. It's like time has stopped. All is the same, the meetings, the substance of the meetings. It is as if they are stuck in a time warp. I can' handle it. I have to keep breathing.
me too Jenni...it was my first awakening that something was not right...
Oooooh, I love this "time is your only capital". I can say no, I just have to be strong enough to weather the punishments that people vomit on me when I do.
I was fairly disturbed by the whole thing. Loved the cloths though right? Who wouldn't want to wear a dress that covered up ALL of their skin... Are we Muslims? Swearing to obey the husband was the one thing that pissed me off more than the other stuff. I am too much of a feminist for that to be acceptable.

I liked to sleep through the movie or laugh to myself as I watch temple workers sleep too....
Seriously...do they were sleeping??...lol
Oh yeah. On more than one occasion I would see the workers falling asleep during the movie.
I've seen many a temple worker fall asleep as well. Hell, I could hardly stay awake, no matter how hard I tried. It's like the movie lulls you into a trance or something 8^)
lol, I used to play some of those games too. I look back now and am amazed how absurd it all is and why didn't I recognize it? Oh, because it's hypnotic, mind numbing, and controlling.


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