i'm Greta Privitera, a journalist of Vanity Fair Italy. I already wrote on this forum, and i had great answers and help from a lot of users. I will write an article about mormonism and women and i'm trying to see if there are women who are interested in sharing their story. right now i'm looking for a woman who has a lot of children, a woman that is not afraid to admit that she loves her 10 children but hates being forced into procreation based on her religion. someone who if given the chance to go back in time probably wouldn't have had 10 kids.

I know, this is not so easy.

Thank you so much for your time and help!

my email: gprivitera@condenast.it


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I could never understand how an elderly couple sold up everything except their oldish car which they needed to be able to heed the call of a proselyting mission in some remote area and yet they were over the moon at being called to serve even though they did not have the finances to begin with.  I still cannot decide if it was an act of faith or stupidity to accept under their circumstances. But being deep into their beliefs and the promises they did it.  

The only thing was, on their return they had nothing except a very beat up old car and it ended up that the children had to step in and help - children that already had financial challenges of their own. You see even as faithful tithe payers the ruling was that family must step in and help the needy first.

So Astrologic, your last sentence makes me nod my head profusely.   


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