I grew up in what was probably the most strict family in our stake. My mom was Relief Society president for a while, and my dad was Bishop for 5 years. I left the church when I was 19 (only two years ago) but I still find myself looking for things on the church website or anywhere that will give me something to argue with. Am I still trying to convince myself that it's untrue? Or am I just looking for something to be angry with?

I have never been a mean or hateful person, but I can't seem to let my past go. I need closure. Is there ever a point where that happens? Or do you just come to accept life as the way it is?

I need some support, my only exmo friends were Jack Mormons even when they were in the church, and my family is still 110% committed to the gospel, so nobody I know really understands what I'm feeling. Please excuse my ranting, I'm feeling a little lost.

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here is a link to my story:


I'm 53.  I wasted 34 years in the church.  You'd better believe I'm angry.  I found this site because I was trolling the internet looking for something to rail against much like you.  I wish I had something more to give you than, be glad you didn't waste 34 years like I did. I think this site will help, there are many, many issues for me to address and find help with, I've only begun, but I think I may find answers here, I hope you will too

Thanks,  I like Mormonthink.com too

One day at a time.  Being angry is something I spent quite awhile doing.  I felt like I missed out on life experiences because of my LDS upbringing.  I eventually came to a realization that I was spending more time being upset at my parents than I was finding my own happiness.  It was a long road.  Seek out those that understand where you came from and who will help support you in releasing the ties.  A site like this is a great start.


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