Why did the Church build a five billion dollar Mall/condo complex? The answer to that is: follow the money.

The money went to construction companies, for profit construction companies. The idea behind the Mall was Hinckley's. He also was behind the LDS Conference center, which cost only about 700 million to build.These construction companies are owned by holding companies, who are owned by investors. Find out who these investors are, and you'll then know WHY Hinckley wanted this Mall built.

The area where the Mall is built used to have two malls: ZCMI on the North and Crossroads Mall on the South. ZCMI always had business. Crossroads did fine too until Gateway outdoor mall was built a few blocks south.  If I was President of the Church, I would have done the following:

*Turn the MTC in Provo as the LTM (Language Training Mission)  solely for missionaries learning another languages.

*Turn ZCMI (if it was failing and I doubt it was)  into a new MTC for missionaries in English missions and welfare missions.

*Turn Crossroads into a huge visitors center where people who have a tour of temple square can rest and have a free meal on the Church.

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I used to work for a bank and we made loans to ZCMI. I can promise you this much, ZCMI lost money every single year. Not a lot of money, but a little bit.

They just couldn't find their niche between tough competitors like Nordstrom's and others. Being closed on the second busiest retail day of the week didn't help either.

Not that it matters, but that is the reason the church shit-canned ZCMI. It wasn't profitable. I would have thought they would have kept it around just since it was part of their heritage in SLC... at least maybe keep a small downtown store. But nope... they punted the whole thing cause it didn't make money.

Don't forget, the church is a business first and foremost! 

...and if you don't think the LDS Church (aka Borg) is foremost a business stop paying your tithing (if you are one of the very few that do anymore) and see  how fast you get a bill at tithing assessment.  That is why it is held once a year so they can guilt and fear money out of you.  

Pay up or loose your eternal family, your temple rec is revoked and the spirit will leave your house so fast that the air movement vacuums the carpet!  Thank goodness people can think in today world, ...well, ...sorta....

And its all over money.  

In the name of Bnjamin Franklin,



They prayed about it and the bank bore witness to their wallets by the gift and power of the bank statement.  Then the spirit left them and  that was evidenced by the bottom falling out of the housing / land bubble (GREED on their part).

I say this in the name of suckers that give their $$$ to Churches that build Malls that go broke.  Such guidance by the spirit.

Amen.    dazzled by the testimony.


Okay well my comment is neither here nor there, but I just wanted to make one small correction to your original post:

ZCMI mall and Crossroads Mall were EAST and WEST of each other, respectively, not north and south. And the Gateway is a few blocks to the WEST of City Creek, not south.

It would not surprize me if the mall is open on sunday. After all each store is an independant retailer and they have their free agency to follow God or to open on Sunday. After all the church once rented a house to a Madame.Free Agency in this case trumps.



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