I'm trying to find why Joseph Smith was put into the Carthage Jail. I highly doubt it was because everyone just hated him, does anyone know the real reason for it was?

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The link below expounds on the reasons in greater detail, but his incarceration primarily revolves around him ordering the destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor printing-press and for treason: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Joseph_Smith

Micah I shun you for citing Wikipedia as a source and breaking the rules of referencing 101.  ;)


Shunning is a religous tool designed to keep members in line. I would also say that just because it is from Wikipedia doesn't mean it is wrong. I made the assumption or leap of faith that Micah had read the Wikipedia article and found it accurate and precise.

As for me I have a no shunning policy, even for those who reference Wikipedia :)



Smith's incarceration was interesting because growing up Mormon it never dawned on me that there was a reason he was jailed. I always assumed it was because he was a prophet and people couldn't handle the truth he told. It's amaing how liberating the true truth can be.

I found this article from Bill McKeever on the Mormonism Research Ministry to provide some answers to the OP's question.  



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