This is what he posted on his FB, denouncing the LDS faith:

"I am about to be up-front in a way that some people might find offensive. I wish to remain friends with all of you, so if you are easily offended please stop reading. My reasons for writing this are not to try to influence any of you, it is just to let you know where I am at so you can better understand where I am in this journey we call life. If you take any offense, it is completely unintended; I will accept and love you for believing in whatever way you may. I would ask that you might consider that I have not really changed, I am just being more honest with how I have felt all along and moving on.


I was born in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), and spent 31 years in this church. Through all that time, I have tried to reconcile differences that I have had with fundamental doctrines. Although I had a hope that could best be described as a borrowed hope, I never had a testimony in Joseph Smith, or in the Book of Mormon. For this reason, I never served a Mormon mission because I could not in good conscience teach others (including other Christians) that they needed to believe in Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon to be a part of the 'One True Church' since I did not believe that; however, I decided I should still give my life in service of a worthy cause and joined the Air Force. On the other hand, I have always had a strong testimony in Jesus. So, I kept actively living the faith that I was born into, to the best of my ability and the best my conscience would allow.


After 2 years on Active Duty, I had the opportunity to attend BYU on an Air Force ROTC scholarship. In part, this was a good opportunity from an educational standpoint to learn physics and computer science, two of my primary interests. In part, this would also let me connect further with what my religion teaches. I went through all 4 years at BYU as a completely active member, and got a great education, but also had some doubts continue to grow with a lot of the extras in Mormonism beyond pure Christianity. I don't want to go into details here because it is not my intent to offend anyone, and I know it is a very sensitive topic for many of my family and friends who are still faithful members, but if any of you want to have that sort of discussion you can send me a message.


Still, I kept actively going to church after graduation from BYU as well, for 7 more years (31 years total), trying to reconcile my differences. Yet, I still am where I was all those years ago, where I do not have a testimony of what Mormons teach are the uniquely Mormon fundamentals of the Gospel. I still do not have a testimony in Joseph Smith and in the Book of Mormon, as well as some other things that I don't want to get into out of respect for my wonderful Mormon friends who may be reading this. On the other hand, I still do have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ – to the point of sometimes being frustrated at the lack of focus on Jesus during some (but not all) Mormon meetings. I am not saying Mormons don't believe in Jesus, but I am saying that for me personally there was too much emphasis on other things that I did not have a testimony in, which seemed to minimize the plain and simple teachings of Jesus.


So, recently I started attending other churches. I have found a local Methodist congregation here that I enjoy, and that has a great program for our kids. I'm not saying we're becoming Methodist, we are looking around still. However, I am now completely convinced that I can be more honest with who I have always been by being in another religion. For this reason, I have decided to leave Mormonism. It is a difficult decision for me to make, as I have been in Mormonism my entire life, and I love the people and friendships that I have been able to develop.


I want to emphasize that it is not the people, but the core of Mormonism, that I have an issue with. None of you good people have offended me. It is also not out of a desire to 'sin' in some way that Mormonism teaches is taboo. I still have a strong, personal faith in Jesus as our Savior. I hope with all my heart that my friends will accept me for who I am. I don't feel like I've changed, I just feel like I've moved on to try to find a better fit for who I have been all along. I hope that we can all continue in this journey we know as life, as each of you have been an inspiration to me, whether you are a faithful Mormon, some other Christian, or not affiliated with Christianity in any way. I am not asking you to change along with me; I think our differences are a blessing, not a curse, and I pray that you will feel the same way. God bless you all for being an inspiration to me during life's journey."


I love how sensitive he was to our dear LDS friends while being honest about what he believed. Why did he feel the need to do it? Because some of his family (and our friends were still not aware that we were leaving, and he wanted to set it straight. I have to say I admire that. I still don't know if I'm that brave (because I still feel like I'm sorting things out- I know Mormonism is false, but not sure what is true other then I'm pretty sure there's a God, and probably that Jesus was our Savior). Anyhow, I wanted to share that.

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