Why does RfM refuse to be a team player in the broader exMormon Community?

As the number of people leaving the LDS church continues to increase each year, the more expansive the online presence of ex-Mormons becomes, both in content and websites.  In just the past few years, wonderful new resources such as "I am an ex-Mormon", Exmormons on Reddit and "MormonExpression" have risen to support and encourage those leaving Mormonism.  There has never been a more resourceful time for those leaving Mormonism.  However, there is one particular exMormon website that doesn't seem to care about helping recovering Mormons find all of these available resources.  That site is exmormon.org, or more commonly referred to as RfM, or Recovery from Mormonism.

Case in point, if you try to share links to PostMormon.org, Exmormon.Reddit.com, or LifeAfterMormonism.net in a post on their discussion board/forum, you will get the following message and your post will not be permitted:

"A word you have used in your post has been banned from use. Please use a different word or contact the forum administrators."

Who knows how many countless other exmormon blogs, sites and resources have also been "banned" from being share-able on RfM.  If you try to get around their filter by adding spaces or hyphens, it will still likely not be long before one of their moderators deletes your thread/post.  This level of censorship has drive many a past RfM-er to seek community and support elsewhere, myself included.  I have made various attempts to have them add LifeAfterMormonism.net to their official blog page, since that is the only place they allow sharing of community member links, but I either don't get a response, or flat out denied.  Perhaps the censorship experienced at the hands of Mormonism has yet to be deprogrammed from the minds of those running RfM and so they continue using similar tactics that do nothing but set themselves apart from rest of the broader exMormon community who do a much better job supporting, encouraging and allowing new resources, sites and communities to get off the ground.  Those sites include "I am an ex-Mormon", PostMormon.org, MainStreetPlaza, FLAK, MormonExpression.com, ExmormonFoundation.org, NewOrderMormons, and the hundreds of bloggers out there supporting the cause of the Mormon Truth movement.

RfM may be one of the oldest exMormon communities online, but they are certainly not the friendliest.  My question and challenge to Eric and the Admins of RfM are two fold: Why set yourselves apart or against the rest of the online ex-Mormon community?  When will you cease exmormon community censorship and become a team player in supporting the cause of all recovering Mormons?  My challenge to the members of RfM is to encourage Eric and his team to end the censorship or consider voting with your feet and endorse or support those communities and resources that support everyone.  So as not to be considered a hypocrite myself, I maintain and have maintained a permanent link to RfM on LAM's link page since the inception of LifeAfterMormonism nearly 3 years ago.  My thinking: Let's help everyone find the community where they are most comfortable and accepted.

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With censorship of words as you point out maybe they are really owned by the Deseret News and are used to gather names and internet ID info for the Corporate masters?

Whatever the reason is, it's probably the same reason they insist on using 15 year old programming to run their website. And then they lose their minds when their website crashes for a month. 

When I first discovered the truth about the cult, RFM was my primary resource for gathering information, and venting my own issues. But since their big crash just over a year ago, I've only been there about 3 or 4 times. I've also noticed that the RFM website is where most of the argumentative/bitter/angry Exmormons seem to congregate.

A couple of years ago I literally was Recovering from Mormonism, but now I'm just trying to carry on with my life. And I think Life After Mormonism is the best way to describe my present circumstances, and the best social networking site I've seen for people like me.


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