I noticed that both Jean Bodie and xtranch, like I did, turned Methodist.

I searched the internet looking for a church that was open to blacks, gays and ordained women. Although I am not in that group it was important to me.

I was frightened the first week but everyone was so nice that I never had a problem after that.

Even though they do not know me that well, I now post and deposit all donations, both checks and cash. I sing in the choir and enjoy Pastor Bob. He never takes himself too seriously and tells some joke every Sunday.

I have never been asked where I came from or questioned about Mormonism. When I did mention that I had been in Denmark for two and a half years as a Mormon Missionary, they were interested in the country and what it was like.

As a mormon it was more important to be a good member than to believe in Christ, but here it is all about love for and from God, grace that does not need to be earned, and service to anyone in need.

What has been your experience?

Has anyone joined any other denomination?


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"When I did mention that I had been in Denmark for two and a half years as a Mormon Missionary, they were interested in the country and what it was like."

Well, that's reason enough for me to join right up.


No, I haven't joined any other denomination. I'm now an agnostic.
Organized religion can just get on the horse they rode in on and f*%$# right off! I don't know where you read that Jean is a methodist convert, but that is simply BS!
Dave is absolutely correct; I belong to no church nor am I partial to any even though I 'might be a passable exhorter' - lol.

Are you just trying to spread rumors or did you believe it Gene?


I guess that I will have to have this error announced in the next General Conference.
Damn but that was DUMB

To error is human, to forgive divine. I will be human if you will be divine.

Well maybe announce it at the Exmormon Foundation Conference would be adequate; lol!

I will forgive you because I'm just divinely human.
Divinely sexy! Hot Mamma! Mirarcle Mom!
When I first saw this question, "Why did you become a methodist" the first thing I thought of was if Jesus Christ and God the Father really told Joseph Smith in 1820 that all churches were an abomination, then why did he try joining the Methodist church in June of 1828?

Hi Gene,
Just saw your posting and nearly fell off my chair when I read you got me mixed up with Jean Bodie! ---scanned the replies quickly because I KNEW that "someone" had to put that right - AND QUICKLY!! LOL!!

Although I am probably considered a Methodist by the many, many wonderful people I associate with, I do not SEE myself as a Methodist per se. I have not even gone into their history or, "whatever" constitutes being a Methodist. No one has insisted I "pass any tests either".

I have found a place where I enjoy being. On Sunday (we have the most amazing preacher) and I especially enjoy being a part of working with the children (the big joke is that while still a Mo I used to say that if ever I was called to work in Primary I would know the church was not true because that would be desperation and not inspiration! - I only once very briefly worked in Primary in the very early days). In all 26 years I always served in RS.

I suppose things could be different all over the world so I can only speak for my small corner of the world I occupy in the Methodist church, so to answer your question here goes:

I have never experienced such unconditional love before - as you so rightly said - no questions asked.
In fact I AM THE ONE that tends to bring up "when I" - and while they may be interested in what I may have to say, they don't push the issue!

My particular church I attend is HUGE on humanitarian work, but not out there flashing it for all and sundry to notice - no "Helping Hands Vests"...lol....
Every week there are a many, many families (not members) that come for ready made basic food parcels.
There is a soup kitchen which operates 2 days a week, there is an HIV AIDS baby home for abandoned babies (where children have probably more than most children in families) - all supported by the church, its members and support of the community and businesses in the form of donations.

There is an AIDS Clinic - free testing, counselling, etc, by qualified health staff - and I am not even mentioning the 2 women's auxiliaries who do so many good works (none for their own perfection!) - making things like baby layettes for mothers who usually leave hospitals wrapping their babies in newspaper, just to mention one.
I once saw "sleeping bags" made out of new black refuse bags and newspaper that were handed out to street people (what an amazing idea)

The grounds are large and it is not uncommon to see street people (who choose to remain such) sleeping in the well kept grounds. It is not uncommon either to see their washing hanging over bushes at times! I've even seen washing done in an ornamental pond! These people who choose to remain on the streets know that they will not be harassed - provided of course that they don't abuse the situation.

I could go on and on but I think the cherry on the top must be that feeling of belonging and being able to be a speck in the Marvelous Work and Wonder I see happening in our small corner. oops! now did I just mention a Mormon book title? Some things take time to forget....lol.

I am sure there are many other churches, organizations, etc., who do as much good if not more but I cannot speak for them.

So, as I said before, on a more personal level to find peace after leaving, it was not about belonging to any particular church, group, organization, it was about finding a place where I could feel happiest after my "divorce from the church".
For me personally, I needed to belong to something like that and was fortunate to find it. It did involve going out there and finding it though.
Maybe that is why it has been so much easier for me to "move on".. Thanks for allowing me to share.

That is so touching and wonderful for you and the people who are beneficiaries of the Methodist Church you attend; AND they are not bragging about it. While the LDS Church is rolling in dough they do nothing of the kind on an ongoing basis, though the members in North America who actually wouldn't die IF they got no help, do okay out of the church if they are temporarily having rough times; the cult knows they will be back with a feeling that they owe even more.

Without using your name would you mind if I shared that story with the folks who will be attending the Exmormon Foundation Conference this year. My presentation is on Good Works in a Post Mormon World and while I have a lot of stories of my own to share; mine is with a non-partisan NGO and I do want to present the fact that other churches do take care of the poor and needy. If they would all do that; well; ...I think to myself, What a Wonderful World...
Hi There - I have no problem with you sharing my posting Jean.
I would love to send you a newsletter that is sent out keeping one updated about what is going on at Thand'usana Babies Safe Home on our church premises. It would be the Easter edition - the last one which just came out recently I did not save. It is such an enjoyable read with beautiful pictures of what they are doing perhaps you could use this too. .I would need an email address for you though. Take care, as always D x


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