Isn't it funny how even when the Morg sends you a letter stating that you are no longer a member of the church, they still call you "sister"


Guess I hollered at the right people on Monday, cause today I am DONE!!


Time to cool off that bottle of Rosie Cheeks I have been sittin' on! Cheers!


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Congrats Rall100!
Congratulations!! Hopefully I will get mine in the mail too!!! Drink up, Sista (and not "Sister")!!!!
Yea for you! Congratulations!

Spread your wings and fly!
yeah, congrats!
Congrats!! I remember when I got my letter from the Church informing me that they had followed thru on my name removal wishes. I was so elated and felt like a ton of oppressive bricks had been removed from my mind. I had spent so long redefining words into meanings that I knew were not accurate. I had called redefined terms and misquoted people and given knowingly misinterpretations to explain goofy ass things church leaders said to the point I could puke.

We have a brain. We can think. When things do not make sense, when we leave common sense behind we need to make a change. Blue is not green and up is not down I don't care how much they prayed about it, how much they talk to you in the low, condescending LDS tone, lean forward in their chair and look you in the eye, I don't care how much they prayed about it and got a warm feeling inside...... that is a frigin crocodile in the water, it is not a chicken as the Bishop said. Take your prayer and shove it where the sun don't shine, we all know what thye hell it really is.

I am so glad that I left the LDS Church. I am not angry about anything. Fact is, I have never been happier. My business has never been better. I have customers from all over the world and I sit here and do my thing on the internet without a Book of Mormon near, without putting my hand to the square to cast out the image on the monitor, without fear or negativity.

Anyone that was ever baptized and is not attending, they still call you Mormon. Write a letter telling them to take your name of the list of members. It is not excommunication, but a name removal. You will have to give them your name and home ward so they can take you off the rolls. Easy, fastand quick. I am so glad I did it.

Take care and congratulations on your growth as a person!!

Don in Vegas
Congratulations RuthAnn! Did you by chance get a nice "come back to the fold" type brochure with your letter with the picture of a resurrected christ coming out of a cloud with arms outstretched? Just curious.
Congrats!!! *HUGS*
Congratulations, that is awesome!
Dear Sister Rall100-
Way to go girl. Enjoy your newfound of freedom sensibly.
You should be proud of yourself.
Yes, we are The Church of Cheese and Rice and Rattly Snakes!!

Focus on a Happy Life. Dance your own dance and enjoy the cool breeze. :)


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