With so many new members from many different forums, I'm starting this thread so that we can better identify each other when we are frequenting other forums etc. Obviously if you don't want your identity on your other forums known, feel no obligation to reply. Remember though that this is a private forum that only registered members can peruse.

I go by Mikeutah on Postmormon, FLAK, ExmormonForums, NOM and RFM. I frequent Postmormon the most.

Your turn.

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I am currently MaST (after being byustud) at PostMormon. I'm mostly a lurker there but chime in every once in a while.
I am Hiker Daddy on postmormon. I am Alma the Hiker on FLAK but I rarely post there.
Well; I use to read RFM and sometimes write there as XIBAN ( Xiban is my nickname all around Internet places I visit:) ) . T
I am Jujukitty on PostMormon, and occasionally post on RFM with that name.
I'm Flat Lander on PostMo, FLAK, RfM, ExMormonForums, and NOM. I visit them and post to them roughly in that order, sometimes posting a good bit, other times not.

I also post videos to YouTube occasionally as Flat Lander, and almost everywhere else I use my own real name: Andrew Callahan.

And, when I'm in just the right mood, I visit the Moron Church of Latter-day Saints website where I'm known as Cliff the Wino. I have some plans for doing more with the Moron Church, and I'm also open to suggestions.
I frequent RFM under "Rosyjenn" and lurk on FLAK and PostMormon under the same name. :)
I'm the easiest postmo to recognize on the whole interwebz. I use Nom de Cypher everywhere, and the same avatar too. I've been known to post everywhere, but with a new busy job, I barely have time for my moderation duties on NOM.
I'm MonaMa on Postmormon, but I hardly go there anymore. When I was a teenager I chatted as main-n on dalnet's mormon friendly chat rooms.
I am curmudgeon at postmo and write a blog called "it's a curmudgeon's life" on blogspot. Have lurked for a couplle of years at postmo but recently started contributing. I don't have to be annonymous anywhere I am know for being a flaming apostate and I freely admit it. My DW is inactive and supports me but doesn't want to resign until her dad dies.
NotGaryStu on PostMormon, though I'm not a frequent visitor anymore. I drop in now and then.
Hello Darling Cutie-Pie's!!! I like to think of myself as the mother of all lost, or abandoned, ex-mo, post-mo, FLAKer children. I am ladyinthehat............and yes, I really do wear hats. Not always, but often. I post at Postmo and FLAK. I always post under ladyinthehat, otherwise I might forget who I am. IRL I am~ Jenny
I'm samildanach on exmo.


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